5 Ways Tech Can Help Your Business Run Smoother

5 Ways Tech Can Help Your Business Run Smoother

February 28th, 2020   |   Updated on June 29th, 2022

The pace of running a business keeps quickening, and customers want what they want when they want it. If you are wasting time in any part of how you do business, you are also wasting money and opportunity.

Fortunately, effective use of modern technology will give you an edge on the competition, tighten up your resource expenditures, and maybe even give you time for a day off.

An ePOS system like Vend UK integrates the cutting edge of business technology into one powerful tool that ties everything together.

Businesses all over the world save time and money by streamlining processes, leaving heavy lifting up to their software, and automating simple tasks so they are never forgotten.

1. Streamline Inventory Management

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Inventory management is not something most people think about when starting a business for the first time, but it becomes a foundation of your entire existence once you get things up and running.

Manual inventory is a time-consuming process and is usually not anyone’s favorite thing to do.

If you are spending your weekends taking inventory counts, manually entering products, working with stock at multiple locations, and struggling to reconcile what you have on paper with what you have in your shop or warehouse, stop right now.

There is an easier way, and making a small investment of time to find the right integrated ePOS system for your needs will give you space to breathe a sigh of relief.

Don’t delay doing this for yourself. Intuitive inventory systems can be up and running in the amount of time it takes you to finish this article.

2. Order Stock Automatically

You work hard to satisfy your customers, and supplying them with their favorite items is part of what you do best.

That is why you want them to trust your shop to keep a ready stock of what they are looking for. Avoiding stockouts will keep your customers coming back again and again.

Satisfy your customers every time they visit your shop by staying on top of the stock. Never forget to place an order again, with an integrated ePOS system that keeps tabs on your inventory, sales trends, and ordering options.

A full-service system will allow you to set reminders to order stock when it is time, and you can even program some software to place automatic orders for you.

3. Unify Payment Processing

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Older payment processing systems can be a disaster when you have a busy shop, or multiple locations and sales channels.

Ensuring payment data is the same across all networks, then reconciling from every location is a cumbersome process, and bringing it together with your inventory is a whole beast of its own.

New software and technology can help you speed up the checkout process for customers, update your inventory in real-time, and load your financials right into your accounting software.

Handling multiple locations and channels is no problem for an ePOS system with full integration capabilities, and you may not even have to switch your bank or processor.

4. Manage Employee Scheduling

Another task where time and money are wasted if you are not using the latest technology is employee scheduling. When someone calls off at the last minute, you find yourself shuffling through papers to find a replacement.

Not knowing if your employees are actually working their shift or not can have your stomach in knots.

You may struggle to get schedules to your staff on time because you just don’t have the time to do it all, but you can’t afford to pay anyone else to do it either.

Take control of your company’s money and time by using efficient staff management software that puts all your scheduling info in one place. Good software can facilitate employees swapping shifts, managing tasks, and asking for leave.

If you use an EPOS system to integrate your staff management software with your inventory and sales software, you have a powerful tool that can help forecast who you will need and when.

Make sure no one is ever standing around with nothing to do, and always have the right amount of help on hand, with the assistance of technology that pulls everything together for you.

5. Centralise Marketing

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Even people who love the marketing aspect of doing business can get overwhelmed managing everything that goes into a good campaign.

Fabulous content does nothing if no one sees it, but collecting and storing customer data is intimidating in an age full of phishing and hacking scams.

You want people to feel secure when they give you their emails, phone numbers, and home addresses, so getting this information should be as simple as possible.

Collect data seamlessly, and keep it all in one secure place with the latest software. If you have a functional ePOS system in your shop, customers can enter their information right there, or you can enter it for them.

Good marketing automation software keeps track of loyalty programs, VIP discounts, and more.

Some software even integrates the most recent marketing technology with the expertise of real people, to help you reach all of your marketing goals every time you start a new campaign.

Bottom Line

The capabilities listed here are all amazing in their own right, but when you tie them all together with an ePOS system, you automate and streamline your business like never before.

Companies all around the world have figured out that integrating their whole process saves them the time and money they need in order to scale to new heights.

Get a jump on your own growth, and look into what an ePOS system can do for you today.