35 Texts That Will Make Your Girlfriend Love You Forever

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Published on July 3rd, 2017

Sometimes the key to a girl’s heart is a simple and sweet text message from her man. This especially works if she is angry with you for whatever reason. Such text messages do not necessarily have to be used only in these situations; in fact, they can be just one of those things lovers exchange over text all the time.

Surprise that special person in your life and brighten up their day with one of these 35 cute text messages make your girlfriend love you forever:

1. Hey, beautiful. Good morning!

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2. I love you.

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3. I hate when you’re not here. I hate not being able to reach over and grab your hand.

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4. I think my friends are annoyed with me, because I haven’t stopped talking about you.

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5. I just heard a song that reminds me of us. I’m going to send it to you.

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6. I hate waking up without you. It doesn’t feel right.

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7. Work sucks, but seeing you in a few hours will make it all feel worthwhile.

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8. I hate that you can’t see how amazing you are.

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9. I know we’ve been together for a while, but I still can’t believe that I convinced you to date me.

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10. I feel like we have something that could last forever.

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11. You may be just one person to the world but to me, you are the world.

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12. I want to make you so happy that you get tired from all the smiling.

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13. I could use so many cute sayings from the internet but nothing can be as cute as you.

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14. My doctor asked me why I didn’t have a heart. I told him you stole it.

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15. Please leave my mind; I might end up kidnapping you and keeping you with me forever.

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16. I dreamt of you last night. And when I wake up, I knew all my dreams had come true.

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17. I am dying to live, simply because I met you.

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18. I would die a thousand times just for you.

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19. If you look in the mirror, you will see the most beautiful thing on earth.

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20. The moment I looked at you, I knew in a heartbeat that you were the one for me.

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21. I had a dream we got married. I wish I didn’t wake up so soon.

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22. Every time I picture your face, I can’t stop myself from smiling.

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23. I love texting you, but I would rather see you in person.

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24. Can you help me out with something? I trust your opinion more than anyone else’s.

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25. You are the perfect woman.

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26. I don’t know how it’s possible, but I think I love you even more now than I did yesterday.

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27. If I had a star for every time you made me feel alive, I’d have a galaxy right now.

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28. Even if there were as much ink as all the oceans combined, it would not be enough to write about how much I love you.

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29. You deserve everything this world has to offer. I can only give you my world.

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30. You make my heartbeat shaky.

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31. There aren’t enough words to describe how much I love you.

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32. You are the best thing in my life, sweetheart!

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33. If I had to wait an eternity to be with you, I would.

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34. I think of you every waking moment of my life.

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35. If all it took to see your smile was climbing a thousand mountains, I would do that.

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