Top Trending Games On iOS Play Store Which Are Must Play

Mars power

Published on September 6th, 2018

IOS games developers try their best to appeal and please every kind of audience rather than only a specific audience.

This is the significant reason for their top place in the market as their games are played by any age affiliated with any profession.

There are thousands of games available on the IOS play stores which are free of cost which means they are made affordable to every class in society.

You just have to spend little money on buying an android mobile only once and get yourself entertained by thousands of astonishing features on IOS play store at free of cost.

Here are some of the highly rated of 2018 discussed below which you must not resist to playing.

1. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

This game is particularly best for those people who are the diehard fan of theHarry Potter movies. Every character in this game is inspired by the Harry Potter films characters like Warwick Davis, Michael gambol, and many more.

The player will get the opportunity to make its character by himself and will be able to play as a Hogwarts student. The player will be capable to spend seven years in the school. He would have to attend the classes and participate in extracurricular activities just like they used to do in the dueling club.


2. Six Ages: Ride Like The Wind

Six Ages: Ride Like The Wind


This game is made by the developersof the game“dragons pass”. It is considered as the sequel of the dragon pass but it contains more enhanced features. The clans have their own myths and multiple worlds to explore. It is a kind of a storybook game in which you are in the land of old Gods and strange creations.

You have to face evil spirits, hostile gods, supernatural beings, Aliens etc. in this game. You will also get the chance to establish your own clan and talk to the Gods. You will get the opportunity to watch up to 400 story scenes during the whole journey.

3. Ever Garden

In evergarden game, you will get the opportunity to play interesting incredible puzzles. In each level, you need to link flowers by combining one with another to give rise to a more complex blossom. You will get the chance to plant seeds and grow them into more mature plants.

The number of the flowers can be increased by letting a flower grown to its maximum level of the combination. There is also a cat with horns which will be sitting on one side of the board. The role of the cat will be thinking of combinations of flowers.


4. Mars power

Mars power


Mars Power contains 60 puzzles with the sole purpose to supply electricity and water to the small buildings. You will get the opportunity to distribute towers on top of resource tiles to move them to the buildings. It will open the new resources and some specific nodes that would give suppliers to all rows and columns.

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