The Best Torrent Clients For Your Mac

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January 25th, 2019   |   Updated on January 30th, 2019

Torrents are a great way to download your favourite movies, TV shows, Music or video games without having to pay the exorbitant fee that sometimes comes along with them, or services that allow users to stream them.

Now to download Torrents, or Torrent files all you need is a simple client app installed on your device that can allow you to download the torrent files.

Everything we just said sound like gibberish to you?

Well, let’s strip the words down and explain what it all basically means.

Protect from moisture risks

Torrent Files: Torrent files are simply files that have the .torrent extension on them. These files come with embedded information regarding the tracker and the files included themselves. These files are shared via a P2P (Peer to Peer network) that allows users to download the files being hosted by others users directly without having a middle man involved.

Torrent Client: A Torrent Client is basically something that allows users to download the Torrent Files we were just talking about. It allows Peers (users downloading the file) to connect to seeds (users hosting or “seeding” the files)

Now that we know what how Torrents and Torrent clients work, let us take a look at a list of best torrent clients for Mac.



Folx is a free to use download manager for Mac that can also function as a very powerful Torrent client. With a built in search bar that allows users to search for, and download Torrents right from the client itself, one doesn’t have to worry about having to visit multiple Torrent sites and hoping and praying that you stumble across a legitimate torrent.

As we said earlier Folx isn’t just a Torrent Client, it is also a very powerful download manager that allows users to sort out their downloads and categorise them according to their needs.

Folx also has a pro or a premium paid version that grants users access to features like, faster downloads, iTunes integration and much more.



uTorrent is by far one of the most widely known and accepted torrent clients available in the market today. The client allows you to look up and start downloading Torrent files within itself, and also comes in with a whole host of features like remote control,automation, and prioritization.

Already proven on its Windows client, the Mac version doesn’t disappoint either. As said earlier, this is one of the most easily recognised Torrent Client out there and it certainly won’t disappoint.



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The caliber of the Transmission Torrent client can be taken into by consideration by the simple fact that it is the default BitTorrent Client on all Ubuntu systems.

A client that goes easy on the RAM, you will find yourself loving the speed and responsiveness of this lightweight client. Coming in with all the necessary features like web interface, exchange peers, encryption, support, DHT and tracker editing, Transmission is another great Torrent client for Mac that you should check out.



One of the cleanest and best looking Torrent clients out there today, Xtorrent is quite literally a joy to use.

Coming in with all the features one would expect to see in a Torrent client, the only set back as one may call it with Xtorrent is the speed cap that is put on the free version, which means you’ll have to pay to have unrestrained speeds on your downloads.

We still would recommend you try out XTorrent for a simple delight it gives to users with its clean UI.


Vuze for Mac

Another great option available for all Mac users is the Vuze Torrent Client.

A personal favourite of ours, Vuze comes in with all the great features that other clients have like tracker editing, a search bar to find Torrents from within the client, a web remote and much more.

But what makes it so special is that it also comes in with a built in Playback system that allows you to play the video files that you’re downloading directly from within the client, you can also use Vuze to cast this onto other devices your Mac is connected to.

In conclusion

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Torrents are great to use, especially if you have the right tools to use them to their maximum potential. Some tips while searching for the best clients would be to look for clients that are from reliable sources so that you don’t end up having to encounter bugs/viruses while at work. Also prioritize clients that allow magnet links, have embedded torrent search and come in with remote control.

Or you could simply check out this list of the best torrent clients for Mac!