How To Deal With Traffic Surge On Your E-commerce Website

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December 12th, 2018   |   Updated on December 21st, 2018

The festive season is around the corner and there is surely going to be a traffic upsurge  on most e-commerce websites. If you are expecting a surge in your website traffic, you need to take certain steps to protect yourself.

You also need to turn to the right resources for help. Upsurge in traffic is not a bad thing at all. Though, it can prove disastrous if not properly managed.

This is because a traffic surge that is not properly managed can lead to your website going offline and subsequent loss of revenue. You can militate against this problem if you plan against it.

The annual growth rate of online sales exceeds 15% thus accounting for a revenue base of over $100 billion. With these staggering figures, a lot is at stake and the performance of an e-commerce website goes a long way in determining one’s profit margin. Itemized below are a few tips useful in dealing with traffic surge to your website.

1. Communicate with your hosting provider

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There are many steps that should be taken when you anticipate a traffic surge on your site. The most important step that shouldn’t be neglected is talking to your hosting provider. If you are expecting a traffic surge, try to call the supports team to voice your concerns and they should provide a prompt solution.

They will ask you for the anticipated number of visitors and how long you expect the surge to last. Once you provide this information, they should assist you to update your dedicated server effectively.


2. Give Customers small gift to inspire purchase

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You can take advantage of the traffic surge by increasing sales. This can be done by offering free gifts to your customers. During the festive season, there aren’t many things that help spike up sales more than free gifts. This is because most individuals are looking to get the best value for their money.

Do not consider the cost of the gift; you should instead consider the gifts as being subjective. It would cost you little or nothing to provide small gifts that your customers would cherish.


3. Optimize your website for mobile


The role that mobile devices play in online shopping cannot be underestimated. Most shoppers now turn to their mobile gadgets to carry out their transactions. It is imperative to optimize your website for mobile users.

It is also important to have exceptional images and logo design. If your website doesn’t deliver on its expectations, you would lose a lot of customers during a traffic surge.