A Tribute To All The Single Mothers Who’re Doing What Only Fathers Could Do. Thank You For Everything! Happy Father’s Day Mom.

Tribute To All The Single Mothers - Father's Day 2017

June 17th, 2017   |   Updated on March 1st, 2024

Kya Mummy ap kabhi ni smjhte mujhe ,hamesha papa he samjhte hain

The society we live in looks at people and their work according to the gender. The men are supposed to be the breadwinners while the women are supposed to be maternal. Anything even slightly unconventional is looked down upon and considered unnatural. This is why children who come from single-parent families are almost always made to feel like their life is a big tragedy playing out. And that is exactly what puts more pressure on a single parent. And when the single parent is a mother raising one spoilt son and the most sincere daughter, it becomes one hell of a ride.


“Papa hote toh sabh aisa na hota”
“Papa kabhi aisa na karte”
“Papa hamesha hamari baat maan lete”
“Papa hote toh aisa kabhi na hota”

And many more lines I used to say when things didn’t go well or went out of place but then now I realize what all that meant and how much all these lines would have affected her.



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That is the template my mother found herself boxed into when my dad left us. But if I learned anything from this little disruption, it is how to take a challenge in your stride, and the person who taught this to me was my mother.


I remember the first time my mother went to our own shop without my dad. A frustrating few days I guess a lot of time she might want to quit but she knew how much we were dependent on her but then she got used to and did all that what a father could only have done.

But more than anything, it is the support that my mother managed to give me through all these years as a single parent that turned me into a confident human being. For with him as my mother, I was constantly told that I can go ahead and win the world if I really want to.


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Because even if I was to fall, I knew there was my mummy to wipe my tears and tell me to fight again and win. Back in tenth grade, at my school parent teacher meeting , I was very afraid and was not feeling good as this was the first time my mother was going with me as all this time before my father used to go even when my sisters were in my school even from that time my father was the one who used to come with us and tackle the complaints our teachers said. But now time had changed I remember I used to get a lot of scolding after every parent teacher meeting as I always scored less and was naughty one in the house, so I was quite sure that today even in front of my mother teachers would do the same.


But it was different first time I heard something good from teachers and I was shocked as it was because I don’t have my father with me now or it was because my mother came for the PTM, BUT I was wrong as I had scored good marks and even the performance overall was good. So I was happy as atleast my mother would be happy with this but I was wrong she wasn’t as the pain she was going through that cannot be explained or expressed with anyone. But then always going to the PTM alone to take responsibility for my rebelliousness must have taken a lot of guts for her.

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You see, my mother stepped into two roles: that of the father and the mother.

Back when I was just a boy in class 10, I don’t think I fully appreciated how much she was doing for us every single day. But now that I’ve stepped into the shoes of a working boy, I cannot imagine how difficult it must have been for my mother to do all of it without any help.

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Unlike the women working in a office or a service class women , my mother was much more than that and also had to step up to be my emotional pillar. And yet,when I used to crib about things that my friends have this or my friends are going out somewhere for trip my mother always used to fulfill all of that even when there was some money crises or any problem she never let me know any of it.

I wish she knew he had the option of sharing his weaknesses and flaws with us once in a while.

And after 7 glorious years of being a single parent, my mother is still as motivational as she was when I was that tenth grade boy who couldn’t face the world confidently and always used to remain quiet. She now lures me to finish dinner even if I reach back home at 10 or 11 pm and still likes to pack my lunch box and pack my fruits in the morning. If anyone tells me I’m a spoil child, I tell them to blame my mother for bringing me up with so much of love.

So, thank you, Maa for making me what I am today I guess what you did for us in our upbringing, all your sacrifices and all your teachings and love made us different and better human being all together.