The Top 5 Most Underrated And Unique Countries To Visit In 2021

Unique Countries To Visit

June 14th, 2021   |   Updated on July 20th, 2021

When planning your next exciting trip abroad, you’re most likely focusing on the regions that are rated the best for travel and those that are considered tourism hotspots.

However, the most popular travel choices are not the only countries to consider, as some underrated gems out there have exceptionally unique experiences to offer all walks of life.

Before you choose your next destination and start planning your trip, you should consider the benefits of travel insurance, as this type of cover will protect your finances from an array of common travel-related mishaps, including lost baggage and delayed flights.

Travel insurance might not be mandatory, although it is essential, especially if you are traveling with your family on a budget, as unpredictable extra costs could set you back financially and potentially ruin your travel experience as a result.

With that said, here are five underrated travel destinations that you should consider for your upcoming vacation abroad.

1. Socotra

Unless you have a particular interest in geography, you’ve probably never heard of Socotra before. A trip to this underrated destination will prove especially culturally rich with history, mainly when choosing Yemen, the mainland location within the region.

When visiting Yemen, you can venture to a breathtaking island off the coast of Somalia and enjoy a unique island vacation experience. Many who have ventured here consider it a spiritually enriching destination.

2. Russia

Russian Financial Institutions

Russia is no hidden gem, although most don’t consider it a vacation spot. Regardless, a trip here will be unforgettable.

You can experience various heritage sites, and your itinerary can include activities such as a visit to The Red Square, Lenin’s Mausoleum, the Kremlin, and numerous others.

These all make Russia a great tourist destination, although that’s not all the region has to offer. You can experience the Transsiberian Railway. You definitely won’t find yourself short on things to see and do when in Russia.

3. Ethiopia

Ethiopia may have never crossed your mind as a travel destination, although the African country is home to some pretty remarkable culture.

The best locations to visit here include Harare, the Omo Valley Tribes, and Lalibela. It would be best if you avoided Addis Ababa at all costs, though, as it really isn’t an excellent choice for any traveler.

With that said, the scenery in other ideal locations is breathtaking, and the wildlife diversity and preservation of native culture will genuinely prove intriguing.

The Omo Valley Tribes will give you an actual National Geographic type of experience as the ancient and beautiful culture here is something most have only experienced in nature documentaries.

On the downside, you probably won’t find public transport here, so you should consider car rental instead of attempting any available transport as African countries are infamous for their dilapidated and poorly functioning public transport systems.

4. Denmark


Denmark, or more specifically, the Faroe Islands, is another underrated gem to consider. This destination will give you an exceptionally luxurious island experience unlike any other as the incredible views are unmatched by most other island destinations worldwide.

You will be able to explore the natural landscapes and genuinely relax here. However, because the location is so underrated, your accommodation choices might be a bit narrow, although you will probably find a few Airbnb offerings and local hotels.

Even though Denmark is underrated and overlooked by most tourists, you will find quite a few attractions here, from the Tivoli Gardens to the National Museum of Denmark and quite a few others. So even if you don’t opt for the Faroe Islands, Denmark itself is also a fantastic choice.

5. Georgia

Georgia is coming up in the tourism industry quite fast, although it remains an underrated tourism destination.

A stay here will have you experiencing some of the best wine in the world, as it is where wine was originally invested, a fact most people aren’t aware of.

Therefore, you will have plenty of reasons to go wine tasting and strolling through the many gorgeous vineyards found here.

The beautiful mountain views and natural scenery is truly remarkable, and the country is exceptionally unique.

As the region is making strides in tourism, you won’t have much trouble finding accommodation, unlike most other underrated destinations. What’s more, the unique architecture and local culture are pretty intriguing.

When choosing underrated destinations to explore on your next vacation, travel insurance is essential as regions that have not yet developed an impressive tourism demand tend to lack medical care and other details that make travel suitable.

Travel insurance will ensure you can experience any destination with peace of mind as you will have access to medical care, and the insurance will also provide other benefits. Before you choose an underrated destination, you should research the region thoroughly and plan thoroughly.