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15 Most Magical Secrets To Unlocking A Woman’s Heart

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Published on January 31st, 2019

Most men crib that it is quite difficult to decipher what their female counterparts want from them. However, we beg to differ and feel that if you want to actually come closer to a woman then you should definitely give her what she wants. It is not tough at all to unlock a woman’s heart and we give you 15 ways to do so.

Even if you put these thoughts into practice it won’t be much time before she starts responding in the way you want her to. These tips are a getaway into a woman’s heart and the sooner you learn to do so the better it is going to be.


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1. Spend Quality Time

Quality Time

Just like we need some time to ourselves, we also need quality time with you. Even if you have to set aside 30 minutes a day just to spend some uninterrupted time together do it. You will notice a huge difference in the relationship.

2. Be Attentive

2. Be attentive

Women love to talk about their feelings, this is just the way we are. They will let you in on their deepest feelings, because we trust the men in our lives to make us feel better. So please be attentive and listen when we share these feelings with you and remember a hug or two can go a long way in a relationship.


3. Notice The Small Things

7. Notice the small things

We do want to know when you notice the small little efforts we make. It does not matter if it is a new hairstyle, clothes or perfume. Say something so that we know you do appreciate our efforts.

4. Cook Us Dinner



Nothing can make a women’s heart melt faster than a men cooking dinner!


5. Help Us

Couple washing up in kitchen, woman smiling at man

Try and help us where you can, even if it is just taking out the trash, a trip to the store or doing the dishes. There’s absolutely nothing more annoying than a man that is lazy. Learn that this is a shared responsibility.


6. Say Sorry

3. Say sorry

Apologize when you did something inappropriate in your relationship. Say sorry and mean it. This SMALL word can make a HUGE difference in a relationship.


7. Never Forget Our Anniversary Or Birthday


These are the two days in the year that you simply CANNOT forget. If you must set a reminder, write it down, or mark it on your calendar. She will NEVER forgive you if you do not remember these IMPORTANT days.

8. Things From The Heart Count


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Women appreciate little things that come from the heart. From a self-made birthday card to a CD of all our favourite music. We will FOREVER be grateful. You cannot go wrong with this one!


9. Respect Us

respect us

This is the one thing that women value from their partners. To be treated the way that they would like to be treated and to feel appreciated. Show her you care every day.

10. We’re Suckers For Romance


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We love everything that involves romance-flowers, candlelight dinners, gifts etc.

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11. We’re Not Impossible To Understand!


If you acknowledge the fact that we are human and not some kind of species you will realize that we not that different from you.


12. You Can’t Live Without Us

16. You can't live without us

Admit it! Men sometimes take women for granted, but the truth is; men can’t live without women. Who would take care of them or build their confidence?


13. We Do Appreciate Kind Gestures

21. Kisses,hug - Unlocking A Woman's Heart

Kisses, hugs, and a phone call during the day just to tell us you love us we appreciate it. This is all it takes to make us feel appreciated.


14. Have Ambition

Women are not attractive to men

Be ambitious in your life, it is admirable. Women are not attractive to men that do not care and have no desire to become anything in life.

15. Confidence Is Hot

Confidence is hot - Unlocking A Woman's Heart

Regardless of how confident you feel inside, a self-assured and secure attitude is what will make us notice you. If you must, fake confidence until you reached the point where it comes naturally. Women love men that feel happy in their own skin. This make us feel safe in your presence.

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