How iKeyMonitor Spy App Is Better For Business And Easy Parenting


November 17th, 2018   |   Updated on November 22nd, 2018

Whether you own an Android phone, tablet, an iPhone or an iPad, a spy app should be on top of your list. While there are many apps in the market, iKeyMonitor, this particular spy app for iPhone and Android has features that any parent will appreciate.

Employers will also find it easy to manage their employees without breaking a sweat. Many people would wonder why use a monitoring app? Does it add any value to the lives of the user and the intended target? Well, the answer is YES! Through keystroke logging, it becomes more easier to keep up with the activities of the person using the target Android device or iPhone.

Why Use A Spy App for iPhone and Android?


It is generally agreed that technology has been used to improve our lifestyles. It is now easier to communicate regardless of the distance. However any parent will mwwt with the common challenges that have emerged as a result of the rise in technology, the internet notwithstanding. When they are busy on their phones or tablets, it is almost impossible to tell what a child is involved in. You will constantly wonder whether they are playing games, what they are perusing on the internet, who they are talking to and whether they are safe.

An employer also has to keep wondering if the company-offered phones are being used in the right manner. Whenever the employee is on talking, you will wonder if it is work-related or personal. Could they be releasing company information to competitors? Are they planning on sabotaging the organization and so on? While you want to trust the employees, it is also important to be careful and take precaution.

How Does A Spy App Make it Easy?

iKeymonitor spy app for iPhone and Android works by logging keystrokes entered on the target devices and keeps a record. It can be used in Android phones and tablets, iPhones and iPads.

A parent will find it easy to monitor the activities of the child when they are on the phone. The different features of the app enable the parent to spy on the phone and get all the details as if they are the ones using it. The spying is almost real time, meaning that parents do not have to wait for a later time.

Employers also have an easy time managing their resources. By monitoring the business phones entrusted to the employees, they are able to analyse the time spent on the phone and what type of activities the employees are engaged in during their work. As a result, you are able to tell whether there is prudent use of the company resources or not.

The app gives you real-time results, granting you the ability to act instantly. Alternatively, if you are unable to act immediately, there is a record of all the keystrokes logged in sent to a specified email. You, therefore, have time to analyse and act accordingly.

Key Features of iKeyMonitor Spy App for iPhone and Android

iKeyMonitor features

iKeyMonitor spy app is welcome among parents and employees due to its various monitoring features. A three-day free trial version of iKeyMonitor is available. You can sign up for a trial to experience these functions.

1. Log Keystrokes Entered

Key logger feature allows a user to track all the keys pressed on apps of the target device, thus giving you information on all the messages that have been sent using the phone.

2. Log Call History and recordings

The call history and call recordings on the target device can be recorded in detail. In this case, the spy application assists you in knowing all the calls that were made and received from the particular phone and how long they took.

3. Monitor Text Messages

Regardless of the chatting apps, the spy application will get you the chat content and history in chat apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, Line and more. It gives you a full understanding of your kids or employees.

4. Geo-Fencing Alerts

This feature enables one to set boundaries. It is especially helpful to parents who want to have their kids within a set geographical area. When one with the target device goes beyond the set boundaries, you get a notification and act accordingly.

5. Surrounding Recording

iKeyMonitor has another amazing feature of recording surrounding sound of the target Android phone or iPhone. Want to know whether your kid is bullied at school? Worried that your kids may hide something from you? This feature allows you to dig out the secrets without the kids knowing.

In conclusion, with the features iKeyMonitor mentioned above, a useful spy app for iPhone and Android presents itself as one of the apps that can be trusted. Its ease of use and accuracy makes it friendly for any employer and parent who wants to take charge.