Watch US Netflix While Travelling Internationally On iPad, iPhone Or Mac


July 20th, 2018   |   Updated on February 11th, 2020

Right now, Netflix is a known and promising TV streaming service, used by people on a global basis. Now you are quite aware that there are loads of content on the US version of this service, which is not available in other countries.

It is true to state that your American friends have more TV shows and movies to watch and enjoy. They are further lucky enough to get some of the latest programs and films long before it might hit some of the other countries.


Well, so does that mean you won’t be able to watch any of your favorite American flicks while traveling internationally?

Not exactly! Even if you need to break some of the terms and conditions of Netflix, you can still find a way to watch your favorite series on iPad, iPhone and even on Mac.

Ways to watch US Netflix on Mac:

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In case you are here for some quick answers, then you have come to the right spot. But remember to go through this article to find out How to watch US Netflix through Proxy or VPN. And compare with the proxy, Now the VPN is more better solution than proxy server.

There are so many promising VPN platforms available, ready to offer the best service as you have been looking for. The platform comes with the most secure connection and with some good customer service. It further comes with the overall good application and the procedure remains more or less with most VPNs in town.

  • At first, you have to open the browser after visiting the official website of the VPN platform.
  • For the next step, click on the VPN option now and do not waste time in choosing the best plan.  Try creating your own account and ensure to make payment for completing the entire sign up procedure.
  • After that, you have to install the VPN platform in the Mac area. Later, you need to open the application and login. Next, click on the list.
  • Later, scroll to the area where the American flicks are highlighted and click to connect.
  • After the connection has been established, you can see a green pin on the map and the current power icon on the switch at top of chosen application will turn out to be green too.
  • You are all set to browse through and login to access the current US Netflix on your mobile devices and watch all the shows normally.


More about the blocked ones and chosen steps to follow:

Buying A Type C Hub For MacBook

There are some VPN services already blocked by Netflix. Be sure to create a list of those VPN platforms if you don’t want to waste your time later.

Some of those options are Overplay, HideMyAss, IPVanish, Private Internet Access, Tunnelbear, Blockless, CactusVPN, and the list seems to go on.

So, without wasting any time further, you can actually head for the service you have to avoid just to watch the American flicks on your iPhone or Mac.


Avoid losing hope so soon:

It might be a little disheartening to come across so many VPN service platforms, which were already blocked by Netflix. But, chances are high that you might come across some other VPN services, which are still working on Netflix. When you are planning to choose the best VPN service, you better check out for the available requirements just to be on the safe side. Before you end up choosing the right VPN for Netflix, better follow some of the advices as mentioned by experts beforehand.

  • Make sure to sign up with the VPN service provider, which has proven records of still working with the Netflix account. As the current VPN provider or smart DNS proxy service has stopped Netflix support, it is always mandatory to head for the best alternative option over here.
  • You need to select some VPN services, which will enable the Netflix region to change to the American setting, which will prevent showing any proxy error message. It can help in enabling you to use the services and continue with providing access to all content as regardless of the geo-restriction blocks.
  • You have to be associated with a minimum of 3 simultaneously VPN connections. It can help you to access some more speed and accessibility to share the content on an immediate ground.
  • You must have some customer support soon and it can help in troubleshooting the problems easily. They might follow some of the no-logs policy. Therefore, the information will remain intact and you will have other people record what you need to work on.

Just be sure to follow all the options before the matter gets out of hand. Once you are through with the options, watching US Netflix while traveling on an International trip won’t be a tough call for anyone.