Is It Normal To Have Cellulite? Can You Prevent It?

Cellulite treatment and prevention

January 21st, 2021   |   Updated on April 13th, 2021

Cellulite is the orange peel ripple that we usually find on our thighs and areas around it. Though a harmless and natural condition it affects nearly 90% of the women. Body positivity campaigners have made efforts to push it in a positive light. However, as per a study conducted by Ginger Comms says that it is the biggest factor that bothers the women in UK.

To top this there is loads of confusing advice and even products offered to us. The ides is to take advantage of our insecurities and force us to purchase something to combat Cellulite. Read with us to know what the professionals suggest about Cellulite and whether it is a cause of worry or not.

What Is Cellulite?

Whether you’re a marathon runner or exercise-averse, cellulite can appear on women of all fitness levels and body shapes.

Cellulite can show on any kind of women regardless of her fitness level and body shape. It is created by tiny connective tissue filaments (fibrous septae) that join the skin to the tissue under it and create fat in its place. The filaments pull down the skin’s underside and create dimples or cellulite.

While connective tissue may be weakened by the hormones, lack of exercise and muscle tones and poor circulation, Cellulite is not created due to obesity. It is just normal fat and you cannot attribute any cause to it.

Will Exercise Reduce Cellulite?

A common misconception about having cellulite is that cardio can help reduce it. However, if you wish to remove it you would need a combination of various workout styles.

By building muscles through exercise we help the lymphs to flow easily through the fatty areas thus hastening the natural detoxing system of the body.

In case you want to reduce the cellulite include squats and lunges in your daily workout routine and thus target your thigh and glute muscles. This in turn improves the circulation and provides better hormonal balance.

Are There Any Other Treatments Proven To Get Rid Of Cellulite?

In simple words the answer to this is a big no. When you hear of creams and lotions that claim of “cellulite smoothing” that mostly these are ineffective. These creams say that they remove the toxins from your body, however cellulite is not a result of toxins.

Dr Edwin Anthony, a Cosmetic surgeon, says that manufacturers of such creams make misleading claims and usually have no conclusive proof to support it.

The truth is that without any procedure you cannot actually get rid of the cellulite. A radiofrequency handpipe is taken and with a small specialized tip it breaks the connective tissue strands thus releasing the fat to give an even skin.

This radiofrequency further tightens the skin and this improves the cellulite situation. However, despite this, our body continues to make more cellulite which is another big problem.

Miranda Kerr though supports dry body brushing to get rid of cellulite. This could be effective if you are less predisposed to cellulite but then daily brushing can also remove it completely.

So, if it does not bother you just leave the cellulite where it is. Having cellulite is a normal and a natural thing and it is not harmful in any manner.

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