What Makes A Front Door Perfect

What Makes A Front Door Perfect

Published on April 9th, 2020

Out of the multiple sections of our home that we renovate often, the front door is not known for taking the top spot, which is a mistake made by most.

Consider it similar to getting a full body tan, but while keeping your nose covered!

A front door quite literally stands out as the focal point of your external house décor, so unless you ensure that the new external paint job is complementing your present main door, it will stand out like that untanned nose and everything that metaphor represents!

To help homeowners avoid making the common mistake of living in a house with a mismatched front door, we have compiled a few tips from top decorators and designers, which are each dedicated to help homeowners find that perfect front door for their property.

1. A Perfect Front Door Makes Us Feel Secured

A primary function of all entryways is to provide physical security against external threats and allow entry inside, to the right people.

In a residential setting, this aspect is of the highest importance, given that our families and children sleep inside the closed door.

While glass and wood look quite gorgeous when done right, they simply cannot provide that much-needed sense of security.

You can, of course, have windows on your doors for sure, but it still needs to be designed in a way that doesn’t interfere with the protection element expected from every main door.

To find perfectly gorgeous and sturdy doors that are made with obscure or see-through glass windows and a strong oak, cedar or mahogany base, check out American Vision Windows.

As the name suggests, they can also outfit your home with insulating windows, alongside guiding you regarding the type of door installation your home would benefit the most from.

However, your property will need to be in Arizona or California because this is where they are based.

2. A Perfect Front Door Makes Our Home Look Good

When someone lays their eyes on any house for the first time, the following are usually responsible for creating that lasting first impression:

  • The outline of the house’s structure
  • The paint and design
  • The immediately visible windows
  • The yard
  • The main door, or even the backdoor, if that’s where they are looking

Out of these elements of a home’s exterior décor, only the door is singular in nature, and therefore it creates the most powerful impression.

The outline and the paint job are usually what people notice first, but unless the architecture is exceptionally outstanding in its shape, that is not what holds their attention.

There’s a reason why a dark red door on an off-white wall is often used in movies to highlight the entry point into a new realm.

Keeping the fantastical elements aside, you can also create a similar magic by contrasting your new door installation with the paint job your home’s outside walls just received.

Be sure to consult your door replacement expert before committing though, because getting the combination wrong can be a very expensive mistake to make!

3. A Perfect Door Doesn’t Require Too Much Maintenance

Be it wood, metal or glass, if you are not particularly careful with what you choose as the material, you will come to regret it later on.

A list of common concerns which are not always taken into account before ordering a front door replacement can be easily identified as:

  • The maintenance it would require
  • The climatic conditions, and whether or not the new door installation is equipped to handle it
  • The quality of the materials used to make the door; not all glass doors crack that easily

The core idea is that the perfect door doesn’t require too much maintenance beyond a fairly regular cleaning and the occasional paint job.

Do understand that depending on the nature of the wood, metal or even the grade of the glass, your new door installation will differ its maintenance needs.

4. A Perfect Door Complements Our Windows

Windows are so important, especially if you are lucky enough to live on a strip of land with a great view to enjoy.

While the main door serves a completely different purpose, it is aesthetically a part of the windows that surround it.

It is difficult to suggest exactly how one can harmonize the windows and doors properly, without knowing about the project in detail.

Therefore, try to improvise and use the following pointers to get an idea regarding how one should proceed about i:

  • If the door is mostly made of wood, the windows should also have similarly colored frames of the same wood
  • If the door is made from strong, trauma resistant glass, for the most part, the windows should be large and the frame should be minimally visible
  • Although this is not a necessity always, the main door and its surrounding windows should also share a similar outline in shape

So, is it time you replaced your front door?