4 Writing Tools Online You Can Use To Improve Your Writing Skills

Writing Tools Online

February 4th, 2020   |   Updated on December 27th, 2022

Writing long essays, emails, novels, and short stories can take up a lot of your mental capacity, due to all of the sophisticated language techniques that you have to use when you pass it forward.

Currently, there are lots of writing tools that were created to lighten this burden for us, tools like Cliche Finder, Title Generator, and the highly praised Word Counter.

There exists a writing tool that would help you improve your grammar and wording choice, which increases the readability and enhances the delivery of your message.

There’s another tool that can count all the words that you were typing up and many more. Here are our recommendations that’ll improve your writing skills.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly Keyboard - Improve Your Writing Skills

A well-written article isn’t necessarily praised, but it’s always appreciated when the content you compose is well structured, has proper grammar, readability, and precise delivery.

Small mistakes in your delivery could lower the credibility of what you’re presenting in your article, what makes this issue is that those little mistakes aren’t easily spotted.

Grammarly is available as a trial extension – which can already correct grammar and spelling mistakes.

Purchasing the premium version allows you to take your article and adjust things like passive and active voice, vocabulary, sentence complexity. Grammarly can be downloaded as an extension through your web browser, or access it on

2. Word Counter

Plenty of your assignments, projects, essays, and articles call for limit for word count, like a minimum of 500 words for an article or to write five sentences per paragraph.

This tool is pretty self-explanatory. It tracks the number of words you’ve typed up, along with the characters used, sentences, and paragraphs made.

Word Counter can also measure the level of readability and comprehensibility of your content. It is ensuring that the general audience can easily understand everything.

It also helps you keep count of the words you’ve been overusing. Having this feature allows you to broaden your use of vocabulary.

3. One Look Reverse Dictionary

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It’s not difficult for readers to start counting the words you’ve been repeating. Overusing the same words or ideas that you have can affect the speed at which your readers go through your article.

Because it can become stale due to the lack of new, unique words. You can fix this by replacing the boring words with synonyms.

With the assistance of One Look Reverse Dictionary – a powered-up thesaurus, you can have a list of semantically similar words show up.

Every word will then be ranked by relevance to the searched word. Although this tool isn’t an extension, it still is free online through their website

4. Headline Analyzer

Although the aesthetic of the website is not at all appealing, it’s a tool that’s worth having at your disposal.

Let’s say you’ve spent quite an amount of time thinking of a title or headline you can use to start talking about your topic, but you’re unsure if it has a high hit mark with the people if they’d be willing to read it.

This writing tool analyzes the EMV(emotional market value) of your headline, and it can characterize your headline into three different values; Empathetic, Intellectual, and Spiritual, which enables your headline to appeal to many readers. You can use this tool to help you develop a characterized skill to create strong headlines.


There are plenty of writing tools that you can find online that could help you with the whole process of writing, ranging from tools that can generate titles to tools that can limit your browsing access so that you can remain focused on your tasks.

However, the tools mentioned above are ones that would benefit you when it comes to composing texts.

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