You Know You Need To Go On A Diet When…

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Published on April 25th, 2018

Hearing about people going on diets makes you humph and turn up your nose. That is until it is brought to your notice that you may need to try it yourself. There are other reasons, aside from getting that beach body that makes people go on a diet.

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Some of the reasons have to do with what you eat and some have everything to do with that. Other reasons have to do with how you eat. Consider the following reasons:

Reasons To Diet

1. Understand What You Eat.

Oftentimes, people have no idea about what goes into their bodies. If it looks good and tastes good, it goes in. Learn the difference between foods packed with nutrients and those that have almost no nutrients.

Assorted food

Whenever your friends and acquaintances think about dieting, they will almost always talk about some promotion going on or a fad they have heard about that works like a dream.

Few people go into the details of the latest dietary fad. They will therefore trust the marketing instead of gaining nutritional wisdom by finding out the nutritional value of the diet plan in question.

People who understand what they eat and how it affects their bodies are more likely to go on a healthy diet and reap impressive results. There are many sites like and others that have a lot of information on diet plans.

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2. The Diet Plan They Are On Is Not Working To Their Expectations.

It is no fun eating food that leaves you feeling sleepy or bloated. It happens. Living on a diet plan that is devoid of basic nutrients is punitive to your body. You may be left feeling lethargic.

You might also suffer from mood swings which can be quite exhausting for you and those around you. If you are on such a diet, you would be well advised to jump ship.


3. The Current Diet Is Mainly Animal Products And Refined Foods.

refined food

Animal products are alright but need to be balanced out. If you are eating more meat and less plant-based foods, you are most definitely missing out on some major nutrients that your body badly needs.

If you bring this argument to the table, someone will point out that they only eat fish and chicken. No red meat.

They are missing out on the following:

  • Water 
  • Fibre
  • Photochemicals
  • Most vitamins
  • Most minerals
  • Carbohydrates

Instead, they are loading up on:

  •  Saturated fat
  • Cholesterol
  •  Animal protein

Tha argument that you should cut carbohydrates out of your diet is ill-informed.

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4. Reasons For Eating.

Of course you need to eat. You cannot argue that you will not eat because you do not have reasons to eat. Supplying your body with energy and nutrients is a good enough reason. However, if you are eating because you are stressed out (comfort eating) or because the food is available, then you end up eating more than you should.


Then you will gain weight, which will only cause you distress. Someone in this category will go on a diet to develop healthier eating habits as well as losing excess weight caused by eating too much.

These may not be the usual reasons for going on a diet, but they help you make healthier choices such that next time you check out sites like, you will pay closer attention to nutritional information.