10 Ways To Stay Stress Free Before The Valentine’s Day


January 7th, 2017   |   Updated on February 26th, 2024

Love is in the air. The most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day, is approaching fast. Christmas and New Year’s have barely ended, and now you’re already pressured into thinking about creating yet another perfect day.

Feb. 14 can add to the stress on your plates, as you seek out the perfect partner, the perfect date, the perfect gift, the perfect moment. The pressure of perfection doesn’t just hurt the pleasure of romance, it can actually take a toll on relationships.

Stressed about Valentine’s Day? Here are 10 ways to stay stress free before the Valentine’s Day:

1. If you don’t like the guy, you don’t have to say ‘yes’

valentine's day-v1

Just because you are looking for a guy to date with. That’s how you are going to be stress free, otherwise you are going to be depressed and probably ruin your valentine as well. You don’t want to feel awful. You will definitely find friends to go out with or singles party for Valentine’s Day is not a bad idea either.

2. Your expectations of a love poem or love note are unlikely to be met, unless that guy is truly your alter-ego.

valentine's day-v2So don’t expect it. Most guys especially the ones who are busy and successful aren’t the love sonnet kind of guys. A romantic card from him should make you very happy.


3. You should not expect jewellery either

valentine's day-v3As most guys are hesitant to give it just to sound right. Most men do in fact fear that jewellery signifies more. You need not be angry or disappointed if you do not get jewellery as it is a popular gift not with dating men but perhaps with married men.


4. Double book? That’s a big no.

valentine's day-v4There are lots of dating apps available making it possible to date with a lot of people at the same time. However, that is not advisable. Your date could be expecting your complete attention and time and the meals are long. You just need to be careful.


5. If you are good at planning a romantic date, then do so by all means but don’t be angry that he didn’t plan it.

valentine's day-v5Tell him right in advance whether he has to plan it or you are going to do it. If you know you are going to be disappointed with his plan, then take the initiative yourself to go ahead and plan, but don’t blame him for not doing it.

6. The choice of card is important and the message in the card is even more important.

valentine's day-v6It is not wise to choose a card with the message or sentiment that he or you do not fee. It is better to choose a less intimate sentiment than more especially when you are not yet sure.


7. There is nothing wrong in hinting the guy what he can give you.

valentine's day-v7You can’t expect him to know what you like or dislike and so you need to live in the world of reality. Dropping some hints would help the guy in making a good choice for you.


8. The day after Valentine may give you the bragging right “My night vs. Your night”, but that’s not a good idea.

valentine's day-v8If you can’t help bragging that’s ok, but don’t forget to take time to thank the man in your life and the efforts he took in turning your night into a successful valentine. Even if you dislike his choice of gift and restaurant, you must thank him for his efforts.


9. Valentine’s Day is more for you than him, yet make it his romance too.

valentine's day-v9You will like it and he will love it and learn something for the next year too. Otherwise, he may lose interest, if he finds there is nothing in it for him. Don’t forget that Valentine’s Day comes every year.

10. Don’t compare what he did and what you did.

valentine's day-v10You need not do more than he does unless you can do more without anger simmering within you. It all depends on your personality. If you are romantic and creative in temperament, you will love organising the Valentine Night, but for heaven’s sake don’t crib later that you rocked the show while he did nothing. Guys hate it and you must credit him for all his efforts.