21 Unique And Insanely Cool Halloween Gifts For Your Friends

Find and save 21 unique Halloween gifts for your friends. We have put efforts to list out few awesome Halloween Gifts, and hope you love the products we recommend:

1. Venus Flytrap Halloween Decoration


Image:  cdn.thisiswhyimbroke.com

This particular Venus flytrap was approximately 3ft tall and 2ft wide…larger than most people can tell from the photos. I make them entirely from scratch using recycled materials.  Source: etsy.com


2. Halloween Advent Calendar


Image: internetvswallet.com

This beautifully hand crafted haunted mansion will have your family filled with suspense as they wait to see what lurks behind every window each day! The front door is saved for the last day to wish you a happy Halloween filled with trick or treaters ready for the night. Source: etsy.com


3. Halloween Themed Cookies


Image: c2.staticflickr.com

This listing is for 2 1/2 Dozen Halloween sugar cookies. Perfect for your kids to take to school and hand out to friends or you to take to work! Source: etsy.com

4. Haunted Halloween Mansion Dollhouse


Image: img0.etsystatic.com

PLAYMOBIL Vintage 1989 VICTORIAN CUSTOM MANSION, EACH IS A LITTLE DIFFERENT FROM THE LAST ONE So what you get is the house, fence, carriage, tree’s, wallpaper and all items (some items will vary) seen in photo’s!  Source: etsy.com


5. Zipper Face Costume


Image: i.ytimg.com

Inner beauty is what counts right? Peel back the layers of your flesh and show the world how gorgeous you can be. This Zipper FX Make Up Kit will teach you how to make the right impression on unsuspecting guests. Click here.

6. Undead Tights


Image: hottopic.scene7.com

Zombie Doll ball joint tights. Be the best dressed Zombie at the party with the truly disgusting gangrene, bruised and bleeding tights with stitched up wounds. Source: etsy.com


7. Skull Beer Bong


Image: ecx.images-amazon.com

Talk about a strange way to ingest liquid. Pour your devil’s brew into the skull head and it empties into the reciever’s mouth by way of the corrugated esophagus look tube. Plastic. Check out here.


8. Darth Vader Pumpkin Push-in


Image: ecx.images-amazon.com

Decorate your Halloween pumpkins this year with star wars darth vader pumpkin push in turn your pumpkin into darth vader!! great Halloween fun activities to do with your kids and perfect for any Halloween star wars fan. Visit here.


9. Guardians Of The Galaxy Groot Mask


Image: media.archonia.com

Marvel Comics has teamed up with Rubies Costume Company to outfit you in all the costume and accessories you need to dress as all of your favorite heroes and villains! With over 5 decades as the world’s leader in costumes and accessories Rubies takes seriously the mission to make dressing up fun. Check out.


10. Star Wars Darth Revan Costume


Image: orig15.deviantart.net

includes costume as pictured on this page made to your measurements armor includes: mask, flexible plastic form-fitting torso armor (front and back) with metal rings and flexible joint between upper and lower sections, bracers and hand armor, and large ring with pleather straps, double rings, and detailed greeblies Source: etsy.com

11. Skull Wall Sconce


Image: static.dudeiwantthat.com

This is a wall sconce made from a recycled Crystal Head Vodka 750 ML bottle. A set of two of these would look awesome on either side of the bar or mantel. Switch the bulb to red for Halloween! Source: etsy.com


12. Jack Skellington Night Light


Image: img0.etsystatic.com

“I am JACK! The pumpkin king…” How cool is this guy!? Transform any room into Halloweentown with the flick of the switch! These night lights make for great housewarming and birthday presents, and Jack Skellington is perfect for fall and Halloween! Source: etsy.com


13. Glow In The Dark Zero Sculpture


Image: img0.etsystatic.com

This particular custom made Nightmare Before Christmas Zero was “life size”, glow in the dark and blacklight reflective. He is light enough to hang from the ceiling or can be used as a decor/centerpiece. Source: etsy.com


14. Blood Stained Suit


Image: opposuits.co.uk

This Halloween outfit from OppoSuits is bloody as hell and will send shivers down your spine. Whether it’s Patrick Bateman or Dexter Morgan, most psychopaths would probably kill for this suit. Source: opposuits.com


15. Skeleton Hand Soap


Image: img0.etsystatic.com

Halloween soap: “INKY BLACK” – The final in a series of 9, this very limited edition 4-ounce soap smells just like a flower shop.Because really, what says flower shop better than a skeletal hand sinking into black goo? Source: etsy.com

16. Zombie Head Lollipops


Image: img0.etsystatic.com

Made with pure cane sugar, filtered water, cream of tartar and a dash of salt, our edible image lollipops are fun for all ages and provide a unique addition to gifts and events. Source: etsy.com


17. Paper Dragon Mask


Image: img0.etsystatic.com

NEED A FANCY DRESS COSTUME? Make your own DRAGON MASK from recycled card with these easy to follow instructions. Source: etsy.com


18. Inflatable T-Rex Costume


Image: images.buycostumes.com

Wow the crowd in this officially licensed Jurassic world t-rex inflatable costume. Runs on a battery operated fan. Rubie’s Costume Company has been bringing costumes and accessories to the world since 1950. Click here.


19. Posable Life Size Skeleton


Image: thumbs1.picclick.com

No haunted house is complete without a CRAZY BONEZ SKELETON in the closet! Crazy Bonez is the original life-size Pose-N-Stay Skeleton, accept no imitation! Crazy Bonez stands approximately 63″ tall and features realistic molded bones. The detailed bones include a full rib cage, spine, arms and legs, and skull with a movable jaw. Crazy Bonez limbs are poseable, with knees that lock into place to hold a position. Check out here.


20. Zombie Gnomes


Image: thegreenhead.com

Watch out! The Zombies have now invaded the realm of the Gnomes! Our macabre Gnome has only survived the Zombie invasion by joining the Living Dead. Sculpted in gruesome Zombie detail and cast in quality designer resin exclusively for Design Toscano, our post-apocalyptic Zombie Gnombie is hand-painted to create a full vision from bloody beard to graveyard hues. Visit here.


21. The Necronomicon Book


Image: i.ytimg.com

Necronomicon is the name of the fictional book found in H.P. Lovecraft’s horror stories and was also used in the Army of Darkness and Evil Dead series. It is a book that literally means concerning the dead. Check out.

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