15 Halloween Party Games That Will Spook Your Guests, Not Your Wallet

Horror Movie Trivia

September 26th, 2017   |   Updated on March 13th, 2024

There’s no denying Halloween was meant for parties. From the costumes and candy to the thrills, chills, and squeals, this ghostly holiday is the perfect excuse to tap into your wild side, get a little crazy, and have some hair-raising fun.

So if you’re looking to celebrate with your own spook-tacular soirée, ahead are 15 Halloween party game ideas that will guarantee an eerie good time. And the best part? They’re all supercheap — if not free — so you can spook your guests without scaring your wallet!

1. Themed Scavenger Hunt

Themed Scavenger Hunt

If you’re looking to instantly bring fun and adventure to your party, look no further than a themed scavenger hunt. Once you’ve scattered themed items around your venue, divide guests into teams and provide them with the list of items they’ll need to find. Whichever team finishes first can then be treated to a nice, cold adult beverage!


2. Horror Movie Trivia

Horror Movie Trivia

If you and your guests are horror movie fanatics, you won’t want to miss out on the fun that comes along with a game of trivia. From classic horror films and scream-fests to scary movies that just hit the box office, the options for trivia quizzes are endless. Plus, there are a ton of printable horror movie trivia games you can download online for free.

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3.  Apple Bobbing . . . With A Twist

Apple Bobbing

Relive your childhood Halloween memories with this fun game. However, if you want to take the bobbing to the next level, swap out the water for white sangria!


4. Trick Or Treat

Trick or Treat

Who says trick-or-treating is just for kids? In this game, place miniature drink bottles filled with different concoctions on trays or in bowls around your venue. Guests can then freely pick up any of the drinks to enjoy, but they won’t know whether the drink is a trick or treat until after their first sip.

The “treat” bottles can be some sort of alcoholic beverage, while the “trick” ones will simply be juice or water. You can also play this game with jello shots, too!


5. Doughnuts On A String

Doughnuts on a String

For a deliciously hysterical time, hang doughnuts from a string or ribbon and have guests stand under the sweet treats with their hands behind their backs. Then, count to three and see who can eat the entire doughnut the fastest, without letting it fall from the string. Get ready for some hardcore belly laughs but remember, no hands allowed!


6. Magic Potions

Magic Potions

Remember the good ol’ game of Truth or Dare? Well, this is basically the adult version. Here, you will write down questions or dares on tags and attach one to each drink. Whether it’s a cocktail, shot, beer, or mocktail, after each guest has enjoyed his or her beverage, he or she must do what the tag says!

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7. Halloween Bingo

Halloween Bingo

For a game that’s a bit less demanding — yet one that can be just as thrilling — why not sit down for a fun game of Halloween bingo? You can find lots of free, printable bingo cards online, too. Once someone has yelled “bingo,” treat the winner to a special spooky cocktail!


8. Fill The Pumpkin

Fill the Pumpkin

A card game filled with thrills and chills? Yes, please! For this game, make sure you have a plastic pumpkin (or any other container) that doesn’t leak. Spread out a deck of cards face down, and assign different rules to each card.

For example, each time someone draws a “king,” that person must take a sip of his or her drink. Or each time a person draws a “queen,” he or she can make someone else drink. The rules are up to you to decide, so have fun and be creative! Just remember to assign certain cards to be the cue for people to pour shot-size portions of their drinks into the pumpkin (or container.)

Finally, when someone draws the “ace,” he or she has to drink whatever is in the pumpkin. As you can probably imagine, this game works best when everyone is drinking different kinds of beverages.


9. Halloween Charades

Halloween Charades

Looking for a game idea that will have your guests dying from laughter? Say hello to Halloween Charades. Come up with a good number of Halloween-themed clues, and write them down on tiny pieces of paper. Split your guests into two groups, and take turns with one person acting out each clue for their team. Whichever team has the most points at the end wins. From Halloween candies to scary movies, the options for clues are endless!


10. Pop-Up Mad Laboratory

Pop-Up Mad Laboratory

Get ready to gross out your guests with this thrilling party game. Here, you will fill up boxes or jars with funky-textured foods (peeled grapes, spaghetti noodles, or cold hot dogs are all great starters), and let your guests guess what’s inside by using their hands to feel around. Yet be prepared, there will most likely be lots of squeals!


11. Halloween Jinx

Halloween Jinx

Kick your party up a notch with Halloween Jinx. In this game, choose certain words or phrases (for example: Halloween, October, costume, scary, etc.) that are taboo to be said throughout the night. Whenever someone hears a guest using this word or phrases, he or she must yell out “Jinx,” causing the person who mouthed the banned word to take a drink. The more people have to drink, the trickier this game becomes. At the end of the night, the winner is the person who has used the forbidden words the least number of times.

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12. Guess The Villain

Guess the Villain

Guess the Villain is a fun ice-breaker and a great way to get people talking to each other. When guests first arrive, attach a name of a villain onto their backs without revealing who the specific villain is. Then, the guests will go around asking other people questions attempting to guess which villain they are. Whoever guesses correctly first wins!


13. Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery

There isn’t a better time of year to play a murder mystery game than Halloween. While this game will require a bit of preparation before the party, trust us, it will certainly be worth it.

Send guests specific character profiles in their invitation, and ask them to come prepared to act out who they are at the party. Then, once everyone arrives at the murder scene — aka the venue — guests will ask each other questions trying to find out which character is the murderer.


14. Nightmare Before Christmas Operation

Nightmare Before Christmas Operation

Remember the thrilling game of Operation you used to play as a kid? Well, the Nightmare Before Christmas Operation is the Halloween-themed version!

So if you and your guests are lovers of high-intensity board games, put on your scrubs and enter Dr. Finklestein’s lab where you will operate on the Boogi Man. But be warned, it will take a steady hand to get rid of Oogie’s “crawling flesh,” “spider veins,” “snake eyes,” and more!


15. Scary Treasure Hunt

Scary Treasure Hunt

To start this spooky hunt, divide your guests into small teams, and provide each with a clue that will essentially get them closer to the hidden treasure. For a more challenging hunt, include a Halloween-themed puzzle or riddle that needs to be solved in each clue. Don’t be afraid to plant both tricks and treats along the way. This will keep the thrills alive!

If you’re having a hard time coming up with the final treasure, remember you can’t go wrong with an ice-cold bucket bubbling over with Champagne!


Bonus: Don’t Forget The Costume Contest!

Don't Forget the Costume Contest

Is it really a Halloween party without a costume contest? While this technically isn’t a game, a great way to capture the creative costumes — and fun memories — of the night is to set Polaroid cameras around the venue, or even set up a DIY photo booth. You know, if you’re looking to flex your creativity muscle. From scary props to moody lighting, your guests will have an spook-tacular time saying “cheese” and posing!


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