Engage With AI Seamlessly On Whatsapp, Messenger, And Instagram!

AI Seamlessly On Whatsapp Messenger And Instagram

Published on December 11th, 2023

Here are 5 takeaways: talk to AI on WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram

  • Meta AI Integration Across Platforms
  • Innovative Text-to-Image Generation
  • Expanded Functionalities on Facebook
  • Efficient Community Engagement for Creators
  • Diverse Applications Beyond Chats

Meta, the social network giant, has integrated its virtual assistant, Meta AI, into its primary messenger apps—WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram. Users in the US can now interact with Meta AI for various tasks.

To initiate a conversation, users can start a new message and choose “Create an AI chat” or type @MetaAI in a group chat, followed by the desired command.

Additionally, users of Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses can activate the assistant with the voice command “Hey Meta.”

One notable feature is the text-to-image generation capability of Meta AI, with a new feature called “reimagine” on Messenger and Instagram.

This feature allows friends in group chats to build upon AI-generated images by adding text prompts. The assistant can also assist in discovering Reels on Instagram, presenting relevant videos based on user queries.

On Facebook, Meta AI extends its functionalities to help users create birthday greetings, edit Feed posts, and draft introductions for Facebook Dating profiles.

Testing is ongoing for creating and sharing AI-generated images on Facebook, including using AI to convert image orientations.

Creators benefit from Meta AI’s efficiency in responding to community messages, with the assistant drafting relevant replies for direct messages.

The technology behind Meta AI, known as LLM tech, is employed beyond chats to offer AI-generated suggestions for post comments, community chat topics, search results, and product descriptions in Shops.

Furthermore, AI image generation is accessible in the US on both desktop and mobile through, providing users with an additional avenue to explore and utilize this innovative feature.

Feature Image Source: Muhammad Asyfaul