The Android Version That Defies Time – And It’s Not What You Think!

Android Version That Defies Time

Published on November 2nd, 2023

The Android version distribution data as of October 1 reveals interesting insights into the prevalence of different Android operating systems.

Android 13 has emerged as the most popular version, boasting an install base of 22.4% globally.

This significant increase from 15% in May suggests a growing adoption rate.

Surprisingly, the second most used Android version is not Android 12 but Android 11, which maintains an install base of 21.6%. Several factors may explain this phenomenon.

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One possibility is that some users have not upgraded to devices compatible with Android 12, or they have chosen not to update their operating system.

Android 10 takes the third position in terms of popularity, with a 16.1% market share.

Android 12, despite being a more recent release, follows closely in fourth place, accounting for 15.8% of the install base.

Notably, Android 12 has witnessed a decline in popularity over the past five months, suggesting that users may have encountered issues or hesitated to adopt the new version.

Further down the list, older Android versions exhibit diminishing distribution numbers.

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Android 9 still maintains a notable 10.5% install base, while Android 8.1 accounts for 5.4%.

Older versions of Android collectively make up around 1-1.5% or less of the Android distribution share, highlighting the ongoing shift towards more recent iterations.

Android 13 has become the most widely adopted Android version, while Android 12, despite being a newer release, lags behind in popularity, with Android 11 closely competing for the second spot.

This distribution pattern reflects various factors such as device compatibility, user preferences, and potential challenges with recent Android updates.

The data showcases the dynamic nature of Android’s user base and the persistence of older versions in the ecosystem.

Here Are Five Key Takeaways From The Provided Article:

  • Android 13 Dominates
  • Android 11 Still Strong
  • Android 12 Lagging Behind
  • Android 10 Holds Third Place
  • Older Versions Dwindling

Feature Image Source: Daniel Romero