Discover A New World With Samsung Galaxy S24 Satellite Tech!

Samsung Galaxy S24 Satellite Tech

Published on November 3rd, 2023

Here Are Five Important Key Takeaways From The Article

  • Samsung’s Satellite Features
  • Previous Modem Development
  • Apple’s Satellite Connectivity
  • Samsung’s Potential Application
  • Wider Satellite Communication Trend

During the 2023 Semiconductor Expo (SEDEX), Samsung’s Park Yong-in confirmed that satellite connectivity will be a feature in Samsung’s flagship phones, likely beginning with the Galaxy S24 series.

While specific details about this feature were not disclosed, it’s a significant development.

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Samsung had previously revealed plans to develop modem technology capable of satellite communication, although data transfer speeds weren’t provided.

They demonstrated the use of 5G satellite communication through an Exynos Modem 5300, a component used in the Google Pixel 7 phone.

Apple introduced satellite connectivity with the iPhone 14, allowing users to contact emergency services when cellular or WiFi signals are unavailable.

This feature, known as Emergency SOS, gathers information about the user’s situation and relays it to a central hub, which then contacts emergency services.

Additionally, Apple recently added Roadside Assistance via satellite, enabling users to call AAA for non-emergency vehicle issues.

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Samsung’s satellite technology is expected to function in a similar manner, enabling emergency communication.

However, the company is also exploring the ability for users to send and receive messages through satellite connections, not limited to emergency situations.

This suggests a broader range of applications beyond just emergencies.

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