6 Best Undetectable Android Spy Apps

Undetectable Android Spy Apps

September 9th, 2018   |   Updated on September 19th, 2018

Hey Folks! Today we are describing to you some best spy apps through which you can check the activities of any other Android smartphone.

Many of you want to know what activities your partner do on their mobile. With these android spy apps, you can spy on your partner, employee, spouse, etc.

You can view the text messages, WhatsApp Chats, GPS location, browser history, call logs and much more. The best thing is that the apps are undetectable.

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Means you can spy on your partner without revealing your identity. There are much good application s available for the android users through which users can spy.

We tested many apps and out of these good apps, we find the best android spy apps for you. 

As we all know that, we have many Android smartphones and still many smartphones launching every day and we place it on our top choice because of the easy usability and user-friendly nature.

Same as in the case of spying apps for Android. These are much easy to install and understand just like A-B-C. Before knowing the apps, let us first discuss how you can install these spy apps on your android smartphones.

Procedure of Installation on Android Smartphones

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The installation process of the spy app on your Android smartphone is easy. You just need to know about the process of purchasing the subscription.

After getting the subscription, you will get an ID and Password. Now download the spy app on your Android device and start monitoring it. You have no need to check the smartphone again and again by picking it up.

But make sure that you will get physical access to your smartphone for setting up the spy application. Once the application is adjusted then you will view all the activities of your kid, boyfriend, girlfriend, employees or anyone else.

Let’s talk about the android spy application. We will discuss each app with a small description so that you can easily understand each and every application:

Android Tracking Applications

1. SpyBubble


This android app is good but does not contain many features. If you want to fulfill the basic needs then you can use this application and spy on your partner.

Its serving package is damn awesome. SpyBubble offers you to spy on your partner with good results.

2. FlexiSpy


I think FlexiSpy is one of the best application because it will give you full access so that you can spy and view all the information which you want to see in your partner’s or kids mobile.

The company provides you full access to your control panel. So, you can easily view the activities of your partner if you have doubt that your partner is cheating on you or your children’s are going in the wrong direction.

3. SpyZie


Once you will download and install the SpyZie app on the targeted smartphone then the icon will automatically disappear from the screen without getting any idea to the user.

If you want to notice the activities of any person then go for this application. It will also give you many extra features like the keylogger, ambient recording, and many more.

If you have the intention to watch the social websites like Facebook, Instagram, etc then you can also monitor your partner activities on social media.  You can easily use this application on Android 8.0 Oreo.

4. MobiStealth


You can watch the internet browsing history, photos and videos with the help of MobiStealth. This is not enough.

If you want to know that what your partner is talking on the call with someone else then it also provides the feature of call recording and detect the current location of your partner without using the GPS feature.

You can chat with the supporting staff of this application live if you face any issue related to MobiStealth. The app is available with the two account options.

Either you will choose the basic account or premium cost, you will pay according to your need. If you choose basic plan then you will have to pay $119.99 and the cost of the premium account is  $179.99

5. iSpyoo


iSpyoo gives you all the hidden information on your android smartphone and you can access this information at any place at any time.

If you will lose your mobile anywhere or your mobile is stolen by someone then this app helps you to get all the data or information and also track the current location of your Android device. 

6. SpyEra


SpyEra is also the most powerful application through which you can easily enter in someone’s privacy. Installation part is also not so much tough but you need to do rooting for installation.

It also has some extra and advanced features which you will not find in any other application. You can use this application on any of the Android operating system.

So these are the best android spy apps which helps you to monitor the activities of the second person. If you have anything to tell us or you know any other applications apart from all this then write on the comment box below.