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Anne Hathaway Net Worth, Age, Husband, Son, Movies And TV Shows [Updated]

Anne Hathaway Net Worth 2024

January 4th, 2023   |   Updated on February 19th, 2024

Anne Hathaway Bio Highlights:

Anne Hathaway, a renowned American actress and musician, has an estimated net worth of $80 million 2024.

    • Best known for roles in ‘The Princess Diaries,’ ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ and ‘Les Miserables.’
  • Hathaway faced controversies, including significant weight loss for ‘Les Miserables,’ leading to an Academy Award.
  • Her career earnings rose steadily, reaching $10 million for ‘Les Miserables.’
  • Born on November 12, 1982, in Brooklyn, New York, Hathaway pursued acting against initial parental hesitation.
  • Her career includes notable films like ‘The Devil Wears Prada,’ ‘Interstellar,’ and ‘Les Miserables.’

Anne Hathaway is a famous American actress and musician with an estimated net worth of $80 million. She is best known for her roles in films such as ‘The Princess Diaries‘, ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ and ‘Les Miserables‘.

Anne Hathaway has had a very successful career in Hollywood, starring in many blockbuster films. However, she has also been involved in some controversies, such as her much-publicized weight loss for the film ‘Les Miserables’.

In 2012, Anne Hathaway won an Academy Award for her performance as Fantine in the big-screen adaptation of Les Misérables. Her road to winning the Best Actress Oscar wasn’t without hardship, though.

To play the young orphan, Hathaway lost 25 pounds. She said in an interview that she was not in a good place at the time.

The actress said that she was struggling with intense weight loss when she appeared on the award show. She also mentioned how her recent 30th birthday and marriage to her current husband caused her to have an identity crisis.

Anne Hathawa Net Worth

With an estimated net worth of $80 million, actress and musician Anne Hathaway is a well-known American celebrity.

Anne Hathaway’s career earnings have been steadily rising along with her fame. For one of her early breakout roles in “Princess Diaries,” she commanded a salary of $400,000. In 2005, she was compensated $800,000 for her part in “Brokeback Mountain”.

She was able to break the six-figure mark for the first time when she booked a central role in “The Devil Wears Prada” the next year. For her performance, she earned a total of $1 million dollars. Since then, Hathaway’s per-movie salary has only continued to grow. For “Les Miserables,” she took home $10 million.

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Early Life

Born in Brooklyn, New York on November 12, 1982, Anne Jacqueline Hathaway is the daughter of Gerald and Kate McCauley Hathaway. Kate is a former stage actress and Gerald is a businessman. Hathaway has an older brother, Michael, and a younger brother, Thomas.

Anne came to New Jersey with her two siblings when she was a youngster. Despite the fact that Anne had long desired to become an actor, her parents were hesitant at first to allow her to pursue a career in showbiz.

Nevertheless, they eventually relented, and Hathaway began acting in high school plays. After graduating from Millburn High School in New Jersey, she shifted to New York City to pursue a career in acting full-time.

Career: Anne Hathaway Movies And TV Shows

Anne Hathaway’s first professional role was in the 1999 television series “Get Real“. Though the show was short-lived, it led to Hathaway being cast in her first feature film, “The Princess Diaries“.

The movie, based on Meg Cabot’s book series, was a commercial and critical success. Hathaway’s performance in the film helped her land subsequent roles in movies like “Nicholas Nickleby” (2002), “Ella Enchanted” (2004), and “Havoc” (2005).

By the mid-2000s, Hathaway had become a household name, thanks to her roles in a number of popular movies. She appeared in the box office hits “The Devil Wears Prada” (2006), “Becoming Jane” (2007), and “Get Smart” (2008). She also received critical acclaim for her performances in the films “Rachel Getting Married” (2008) and “Brokeback Mountain” (2005).

In 2012, Hathaway starred in one of the year’s most anticipated movies, “Les Miserables”. Based on the Broadway musical of the same name, the movie was a commercial and critical success. Hathaway’s performance in the film earned her an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Hathaway has continued to appear in a number of successful movies over the past few years. She starred in “Interstellar” (2014), “The Intern” (2015), “Ocean’s Eight” (2018), and “Serenity” (2019). She was also seen in movies “The Witches” (2020) and “The Last Thing He Wanted” (2020).

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