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Scott Boras Net Worth, Age, Height, Sports Career, Bio [Updated]

December 20th, 2022   |   Updated on February 20th, 2024

Scott Boras Bio Highlights:

Scott Boras Net Worth: Renowned sports agent Scott Boras has a net worth of $450 million 2024, earned through his successful agency, The Boras Corporation.

    • Boras focuses primarily on baseball players and boasts over 175 high-profile clients.
    • Notable clients include Steven Strasberg, Gerrit Cole, Anthony Rendon, Alex Rodriguez, Matt Holliday, Manny Ramirez, and Jason Wells.
    • Boras is currently negotiating a more than $2.5 billion contract for a client, earning his agency about $100 million in annual fees.

Scott Boras Career Path:

    • Boras started as a baseball player, setting records in college and playing minor league baseball.
    • After a career-ending knee injury, he obtained a Juris Doctor degree and defended a major pharmaceutical company.
    • Boras entered sports agency in the ’80s and established The Boras Corporation, gaining a reputation as a tough negotiator.

Scott Boras Salary-Commissions:

    • Boras receives a 5% commission from all contracts negotiated for his clients.
    • In a specific period, he negotiated contracts worth $1.88 billion, earning $105 million in fees.

Boras Corporation and Subsidiaries:

    • The Boras Corporation, Boras Marketing, and Boras Training Institute contribute to Scott Boras’s income.
    • The agency employs MIT-trained economists, an investment team, and scouts worldwide to discover new talent.

Criticism of Scott Boras:

    • Boras has faced criticism for prioritizing clients’ financial interests over perceived “morals” in baseball.

Scott Boras’s Personal Life:

    • Born on November 2, 1952, in Sacramento, California.
    • Played college baseball at the University of the Pacific.
    • Limited information about his pre-college life or family.
    • Married to Jeanette Boras with three children: Shane, Trent, and Natalie.
    • Boras is 70 years old, stands 5 feet 11 inches tall, and weighs 180 pounds.

Scott Boras came from humble beginnings. Born November 2, 1952, the son of a dairy farmer. He was born and raised in Sacramento, and he attended the University of the Pacific, where he played college baseball. Much of Scott Boras’ personal and family life is unknown. He hasn’t shared much information about his pre-college life or whether he had any siblings.

In 1972, he was inducted into the College Hall of Fame, setting several records as the leading player with a .312 batting average. After that, he played minor league baseball for four years, where he eventually became a member of his league All-Star team at Florida State. Knee problems cut short his career, but his time as a baseball player undoubtedly prepared him for a career as an agent later in life.

After a baseball career, in 1982 he received his Juris Doctor degree from the McGeorge School of Law. He later helped defend a major pharmaceutical company against lawsuits. Boras’ start as an agent comes from former major league shortstop Mike Fishlin for the Cleveland Indians and former minor league teammate and Seattle Mariners closer, both of whom now work for Boras.

Scott Boras Net Worth

Worth $450 million. Scott Boras made his fortune as the founder of the highly successful sports agency The Boras Corporation. He is often referred to as “the most powerful sports agent in the world” and that is for a good reason.

He has experienced financial success far exceeding that of the athletes he represents. He primarily focuses on baseball players and has over 175 high-profile clients.

Notable current and past clients include Steven Strasberg, Gerrit Cole, Anthony Rendon, Alex Rodriguez, Matt Holliday, Manny Ramirez, and Jason Wells. As of this writing, Scott is negotiating his more than $2.5 billion contract for a client, which earns his agency about $100 million in annual fees. Boras has over 30 years of experience as a sports agent.

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Sports Agent Career


Even before graduating, Boras dabbled in representing great athletes. His legal training allowed him to represent his two players, Mike Fishlin of the Cleveland Indians and Bill Coudill of the Seattle Mariners. By the early ’80s, Boras had his sights set on baseball as his chosen career path. By 1983, he negotiated one of Caudill’s biggest deals at the time, helping him sign a $7.5 million contract.

After Boras’ initial success, he became synonymous with his Boras Corporation. Establishing a sports agency has allowed him to increase his initial success, represent more clients, and strengthen his reputation as a tough negotiator who can help players earn even more.

Throughout the 1980s, Boras was consistently able to negotiate record-breaking signing bonuses for the players he represented. In 1990, he signed high school pitcher Todd Van Poppel to a $1.2 million deal. In 1991, he won another high school freshman Brian his Taylor his $1.5 million signing bonus. In 1992, the Atlanta Braves agreed to a $28 million deal for Greg Maddux from Borras. The deal broke various records.

In 1996, agents began to take advantage of a loophole in the rules of Major League Baseball.

In 1997, he took advantage of another obscure term to get JD. Drew left the MLB and sign with the St. Paul Saints and pay a fee. MLB has closed that gap again by changing the rules.

Not long after, Boras brokered his deal with Greg Maddux, making him the highest-paid player in the game, and in the process, he broke the $50 million mark. Just a year after his debut, he doubled his previous performance and negotiated a $100 million contract. Over the next few years, the agent continued to beat his records. One of his most notable achievements was signing Alex Rodriguez for $252 million. In 2019, he signed Bryce Harper for $330 million, and the same year he signed Gerrit Cole for $324 million.

There are many other notable examples of Bora’s prowess as a negotiator. His deals often defy logic.

Scott Boras Salary-Commissions

Scott receives a 5% commission from all contracts negotiated for his clients. For example, between September 2017 and September 2018, he negotiated contracts worth $1.88 billion with various clients. His fees on these transactions were $105 million.

During his week in December 2019, Scott negotiated his next deal. When factoring in agency fees, that earnings equate to his $40.7 million “cut” for Scott Boras. This makes it clear how much the agent can earn in his week.


Boras Corporation has several subsidiaries that also generate income for Scott Boras. These include Boras Marketing and Boras Training Institute. Boras employs a talented staff of MIT-trained economists, an investment team, and a sports psychologist. Scott Boras also sends scouts around the world to look for new talent.


Scott Boras has been the subject of considerable criticism over these years as a sports agent. As a sports agent, his top priority is helping his clients make money. These goals often put him at odds with baseball’s perceived “morals” and the performance and well-being of various teams. As such, it has often attacked Boras.


Scott Boras Net Worth, Age, Height, Bio

Birth Name Scott Boras
Nick Name Scott Boras
Male/Female Male
Profession American sports agent, specializing in baseball
Nationality American
Birth Location Sacramento, California, United States
Birthday 2-Nov-52
Scott Boras Age 70 years old
Scott Boras Heights 1.82 m
Scott Boras Heights in Feet 5 feet and 11 inches
Scott Boras Heights in cm 182 cm
Scott Boras Weight(s) 82 kg
Scott Boras Weight(s) in pounds 180 pounds
Dating History To be Updated
Marital Condition Married
Scott Boras Spouse Jeanette Boras
Son/Daughter Yes (Shane Boras,Trent Boras,Natalie Boras)
Earning —-
Scott Boras Net Worths $450 million

Scott Boras BIO SNAPSHOT 2024Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Scott Boras

What Is Scott Boras’s Nationality?

Nationality: United States

Is Scott Boras A Good Agent?

Super Agent Scott Boras is known for giving his clients the best deals. He is a notoriously tough negotiator. Scott Boras has the highest-paying client in baseball.

Who Is Baseball’s Greatest Agent?

Scott Boras has regained the top spot once again. In 2020, the baseball agent negotiated 13 deals above $100 million. Five of them made him over $200 million and two made him over $300 million.

Who Is Scott Boras’s Wife?

Janet Boras

Who Is Scott Boras Dating?

According to the records, Scott Boras was married to Janet Boras. As of May 2022, Scott Boras is not dating anyone.

Relationship Records: There are no previous relationship records for Scott Boras.

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