The Most Anticipated iGaming Events In 2022

Anticipated iGaming Events

Published on April 14th, 2022

The world is slowly going back to normal, and there are gaming events slated for the rest of the year. There are several of them, but we will only look at the most anticipated iGaming events in 2022 starting this May.

Paris Payments Expo – May 5 And 6

Hosted by Event us, the Paris Payments Expo will bring together the leaders in the payment industry. Here, people will gather to present their latest payment technologies and conduct personalised one-to-one meetings. On top of these, there will be interactive discussions and seminars.

It is a private summit, and only invited people can attend. However, people interested in online casino Canada can register and may get an invite. The event is for selected payment leaders and decision-makers, including budget holders in the financial departments of various industries.

It is an opportunity for business leaders who oversee their company’s payment structure and fraud detection program. It is best for company officials responsible for payment systems and infrastructure.

iGaming Next NYC 2022 – May 12 And 13

Happening in New York, this event is about iGaming and investment professionals. The focus is the changing US market as far as the gaming industry is concerned.

The Expected Attendees are:

  • Investors
  • VCS
  • Regulators
  • CFOs and Heads
  • Media
  • C-Levels of iGaming companies

The presenters and sponsors include big names in the iGaming industry like Play tech and Evolution. The event consists of a trip to the New York Yankees stadium, where the gaming event will host a game. There will also be a meet-and-greet where the participants can get acquainted with their peers.

There will be a lot of keynote speakers, and participants will get to see how to tap into the $1B industry of iGaming, including the status of getting a license from the state of New York.

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iGathering Armenia – May 12

Organised by SiGMA, this one is a lavish event with six hosts. The hosts comprise more than 200 C-level executives from the iGaming industry.

To participate, one must sponsor the event. In exchange, the sponsor will get to bring 20 people to the event. The event is targeted to the right audience, so they will also handle the invitation process from start to finish.

The event is also focusing on networking opportunities. Sponsors will get online visibility on the event organiser’s social media pages and media coverage before and after the event.

Casino Beats Summit – May 24 And 25

This is the fourth edition of the summit, and it is back in full force. The event will happen in a bigger place, and they are scaling up the conference.

There are more than 2,000 delegates coming, and the event will happen in Malta. More than 800 casino operators are participating, and there will be 120 speakers and 40 exhibitors. It is a great opportunity to do networking and see new products and software programs.

Companies can also sponsor the event if they want to or put exhibits in the area. Apart from networking and learning new trends, companies will have the opportunity to build a brand. With exhibits, companies can bring awareness and educate people or even build partnerships during the summit.

The exhibit gives a company access to thousands of casino operators and suppliers executives. There are also affiliates here who can promote the products of the exhibitor.

Betting On Sports Europe – June 7 to 9

Happening in Stamford Bridge, the event aims to bring together senior executives in European sports betting companies. The event is a forum of high-level discussions that will help shape the industry’s future.

The participants and hosts here are all from Europe, and they will be discussing the market challenges and also introducing new ideas. Exploration of the new frontiers for iGaming will also be on the table.

There is also an opportunity to see exhibits, and companies that reserve their spot will be able to showcase their innovations. The exhibit presents marketing and networking opportunities.

iGathering Toronto – June 7

Hosted by SiGMA, the event is similar to what they would do in Armenia a month prior to this event. However, this one offers opportunities for online casino companies.

The event will have more than 200 C-Level executives from various companies in the industry. Those who want to sponsor will have the opportunity to bring 20 people to the event. The leaders who sponsor can take their managers and other staff members to the forum.

The event also offers networking opportunities. Sponsors will have media coverage, and the event organisers will advertise the sponsor’s brand on its social media channels.

Sports Betting East Africa+ – Jul 5 and 6

The event will happen in Nairobi, Kenya. This summit is the 7th in the series and will have exhibitions for African operators. The attendees include hosts, software providers, payment system providers, and manufacturers.

Stakeholders can meet their peers and do business, and there will be speaking events to discuss the future of the industry in the region.

The theme of the event will build on what the organisers have already achieved in the past. The goal is to empower operators to start discussions about relevant happenings in the industry.