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Assisted Living And Memory Care – What You Should Know


Published on May 13th, 2019

Is any of your loved one who has Alzheimer’s? Are you planning to move him/her to any memory care community? Well, this is an emotional and difficult decision.

But since your dear one in this situation may have trouble remembering the address or name, keeping them under proper care is a must and what can be a better choice than assisted living. There are ample proven benefits that these communities offer which you may be unaware of.


Top 4 Benefits

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When you shift your dear one to assisted living homes that provide Alzheimer’s care, they can benefit in the following ways namely.

1. More Manageable

Alzheimer’s not only results in memory impairment but may also experience functioning difficulties such as task sequencing. Simple undertakings such as brushing teeth may also become a challenge, causing confusion and anxiety.

Assisted living that offers Alzheimer’s care will help a great deal in enhancing your loved one’s quality of life by making their world manageable.

In fact, the day to day structure, smaller environment, routine as well as thoughtful elements including displaying plates at meals will contribute to promoting an improved quality of life.


2. Reduce Cognitive Decline


Often people who have Alzheimer’s tend in isolating themselves. It is mostly due to declining memory. As a result, they utter wrong words, behave inappropriately or repeat themselves.

This often becomes shameful. Lack of interaction socially can contribute towards memory impairment along with depression, loneliness and other forms of health concerns.

The moment your loved one moves to a community amid other people who have Alzheimer’s they feel comfortable in allowing the inhibitions to go thereby living naturally. This is exactly what they can experience in an assisted living.


3. Regain Purpose

People with Alzheimer’s often experience depression and apathy, feeling a lack of purpose. Post raising their family and having a successful career, once a person all of a sudden starts depending on others will naturally lack motivation.

Many assisted living facilities offer various Alzheimer’s care facilities such as incorporating engagement with the help of personalized activities for helping the patient in regaining the feel of purposefulness.

It includes things such as helping with baking projects, cleaning after meal, tinkering with the old radio, sorting papers or folding napkins.

This also includes tapping into passions that are forgotten such as reminiscing, gardening, music, and art.

The moment your loved one is in a supportive setting, he/she will once again feel important through a renewed determination thereby contributing to thriving in a manner they otherwise could not have.


4. Renewed Relationships


The caregivers in an assisted living will help in changing a relationship’s dynamics. Shifting a loved one to such a community will help your loved one in being the person they once were.

Though knowing which is the most suitable time for the move is difficult, being informed will help you in identifying the advantages of memory care for a dear one. This indeed is a hard decision, yet a good number of families have experienced positive effects which they never thought could be possible.