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4 Ways To Attach Patches On Clothes

Heat seal backing

May 15th, 2019   |   Updated on September 8th, 2023

Custom patches have gained immense popularity in the fashion world as they offer a distinct and personal touch to clothing items. These patches are perfect to showcase one’s interests, affiliations, or unique style and can be effortlessly added or removed from a garment.

At 4incustompatch, they offer customized patches that allow you to create a patch that aligns with your personality and taste. People are able to express themselves creatively while staying fashionable because they can add patches to clothes. Therefore, custom patches have become a crucial aspect of modern fashion.

What if you learn the ways to attach patches on clothes? In fact, one of my friends recently has started doing the work all by herself once her daughter had visited her tailor for seven times in 10 –days’ time frame. Just think! It’s time taking, it’s expensive, and it’s difficult to coordinate every time!

Regardless it is a patchwork on stretch sequin fabrics or a denim jeans dress, attaching patches can be a pleasant challenge unless you know the clues. Awww! Here go my real life lessons so that you can manage to attach patches on clothes hassle-free.


1. Heat Seal backing

Heat seal backing

Fully embroidered badges are hot in trend now! They are different in shapes and colors. However, all these badges come with a sealant on its reverse side so that the designs can withstand the challenge of wear and tear and washing.
The sealant serves in two ways.

Firstly it keeps the badge firm in its shape, and secondly, the sealant in its back acts as glue if heat is applied on it. This is the clue to fix it on your target garment. Just place it on the spot and hot iron it to fix it on your attire.

It’s an instant process of fixing badges on your clothes, but there is one red herring! The badge or the glue may get loose if you wash the dress frequently in strong detergent.


2. Try Sewing

It’s rightly said that “old is gold.” Swing is one of the most reliable processes to fix a badge on your dress. It may take some time, or you have to get some sewing items, but it works just fine. Use the same color thread, so the stitches remain camouflaged, and you can do it yourself.

If you don’t trust my hint, try it once! You can believe yourself that sewing the badge is a handy way to fix it permanently. You can do it without trouble if you know the tricks to attach it on your cloth.


3. Use An Applique Embroidery Sewing

Patches On Clothes_2

Different machines are available in the market, which are specialized for attaching patched on fabrics. If suppose, you want to fix a heavy embroidered patch on a stretch sequin fabrics made dress, the machine can do the job with great integrity.

These machines are mostly available with tailors. (That is why my friend’s daughter took the trouble to visit the tailor perhaps).

It’s not extremely easy for you to sew and fix a patch on your dress using these machines unless you know the way to get it done. Embroidery machines can be complicated too. But once you master the skill, you are the pro.


4. You Can Use Fabric Special Glue

Have you heard of using glue on cloth? Yes, you are right! This is not any usual type of glue I am talking about. It is fabric special glue you can use only for fixing patches, badges, or bids and stickers, etc.

Just use the glue on the sticker and place it on the target spot. Put something heavy in weight on the sticker so that the glue gets absorbed in the fabric and the patch gets fixed. However, it is an instant process of fixing patches on your dress, and you can remove it whenever you want it.

These are the common and widely recommended ways toattach patches on clothes, which you can trust and try. None of these methods will harm your clothes, or you will find them risky to try. Furthermore, glue and self-help methods are inexpensive and by any means will not burn a hole in your wallet.

These three methods of attaching patches on clothes are suitable for all types of fabric textures. For example, glue works both on Stretch Sequin Fabrics and cotton as well as on other fabrics. Depending on the badge or the quality of the patch, you have to try any one method.