What You Need To Know About Changing Your Career To Nursing

Career To Nursing

August 6th, 2021   |   Updated on December 15th, 2022

It is not uncommon for people to begin to feel dissatisfied with their professional role and wonder if the career path that they chose for themselves was actually the wrong one.

If you went to college, then you will have had a lot of pressure to make the right decision on your very young shoulders at the time. And often, what we want at eighteen years old is very different to what we might want for ourselves later on in life. Getting a BSN means that you will have more opportunities right from the start when it comes to career progression and advancement. If you’re an RN without a BSN, there’s an RN to BSN online degree program which enables you to keep your current job.

If you are spending more and more time wondering about what it would be like to get into nursing, or feel that you should have chosen a nursing career rather than the one you are currently working in, the good news is that changing your career to nursing is definitely possible.

Career In Nursing

Why Change Your Career To Nursing?

The wide range of options available for online learning and continued learning today means that nobody who is unhappy with their current career has to stick with it.

No matter what job you are currently doing, if you can’t see yourself doing this until you retire, you don’t have to live with that regret.

There are several reasons to consider changing your career to nursing. It might be a great option for you if you are currently bored in your career and want something that is more challenging with more options available for career progression.

Maybe you want to do something that is more meaningful and are called to a career where your main aim at work is to help others. Some of the main reasons to consider getting into a nursing career include:

High Demand

Today, the demand for nurses is higher than ever, meaning that all nursing students are welcomed. No matter your career background, there are options available to help you change to nursing and enter your new career as quickly as possible.

Nurses are in high demand all around the country and in various healthcare settings. Finding work as a nurse is easier than ever, no matter where you go.

Career Advancement

As mentioned earlier, nursing is an ideal career choice for anybody who wants to work in a role where they have a lot of options for advancement.

If you are an ambitious person who likes to keep moving up the career ladder, nursing will certainly prove an ideal role for you since there is really no reason to stay stuck in the same role.

As a nurse, you will have endless opportunities to move sideways into different areas and specialties, or upwards into more senior and advanced roles such as nurse practitioner or nurse manager.

Education Options

Finally, another reason to consider changing your career to nursing is that today it has become easier than ever to make what you want of your career.

Online nursing degrees are now quite commonplace and they offer an ideal option for anybody who doesn’t have the time or funds to quit their current job and attend traditional nursing school.

Training As A Nurse

If you want to change your career, there are several options to consider when it comes to training as a nurse.

Thanks to online degree programs that offer more flexibility in learning, nursing training is now easier than ever for those who need to continue working in their current career while getting the credentials that they need to change it.

Online nursing programs are abundant these days, and along with several BSN programs to choose from, you can also find online healthcare graduate programs that might be suitable for you if you want to move into nursing from a different healthcare position or are considering earning further nursing qualifications in the future.

Accelerated programs are also available for non-nursing graduates who hold a bachelor’s degree in a different subject.

Which Degree To Choose

No matter what career role you are currently working in, there are options available designed to help you become a nurse.

Getting a BSN is generally accepted to be the best option since BSN-qualified nurses are in growing demand as healthcare employers commit to providing a more highly-educated workforce.

If you already have a bachelor’s degree in a different subject, a BSN will be the ideal choice for you since you can enroll on accelerated BSN programs that are designed to build on your current education.

With an ABSN, you can change your career to nursing in a much shorter period of time since these degree programs will typically take around half the time compared to a traditional BSN.

Studying Online Or On-Campus?

Online nursing degree programs have opened up more opportunities for those who want to change their careers to nursing.

Although studying to become a nurse online will still involve some in-person learning which is often in the form of clinical experience that you will need to gain in order to become a nurse, they are much more flexible in terms of the classroom learning side of things.

This can make changing your career easier since you can arrange your study schedule based on your current work rather than facing the need to give up your job so that you can get to lectures and classes on campus at a certain time.

In addition, studying online allows you to choose from a wider range of nursing schools and colleges that you may not have had access to otherwise due to physical location.

Since you’re able to work more and there are fewer costs involved (for example, no need to commute daily), studying online can also work out much more cost-effective for career changers who want to avoid increasing their level of student debt.

If you’re feeling unhappy in your current career, you are not alone. Nursing might be the best career change for you if you’re looking for a more exciting role with better opportunities and the reward of using your profession to help others.

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