CoronaVirus Quarantine Buying Guide

CoronaVirus Quarantine Buying Guide

Published on May 6th, 2020

With much of the world living in what feels like solitary confinement due to the widespread COVID-19 pandemic, the world has truly become a quiet place.

Most communities are currently under states of emergency or stay at home orders. This presents a new set of problems for a lot of people.

Consider the fact that public transportation is suspended in most areas and that alone means that it’s going to be much more difficult to gain access to supplies.

Work has been suspended for a lot of companies, which means that a lot of people may not be getting any income for a while.

With these factors in play, it’s important to be able to dedicate limited resources to buying supplies that are essential and so that you’re able to survive, if not live comfortably.

So, what are the essential supplies that you need to prioritize?

1. Food


It’s important to ensure that you have enough food for at least three weeks. Canned goods, dried fruits and vegetables, and water purifiers are going to be essential during quarantine.

This estimate is based on the fact that the COVID-19 virus can only survive 14 to 21 days.

Remember to avoid any food that spoils easily, especially when you consider that quarantines make even the most seemingly mild illness can become dangerous because of how hospitals are currently overwhelmed by the pandemic.

2. Medical Supplies

A Medical Accident While You're On Holiday

Continuing on with the last item’s last remark, it’s important to ensure that you’re able to handle illnesses and even prevent them, on your own.

While hospitals and pain centers like Seattle Pain Relief are usually going to be your best option for any treatment, the fact that they are likely to be overwhelmed by COVID-19 patients means that you might be putting yourself at an unnecessary risk by visiting these places now.

So, again, it’s important to grant yourself the ability to cure and prevent illnesses on your own.

3. Recreational Supplies

It’s one thing to survive, but it’s an entirely different thing to live. It’s easy to become idle during these times. It can get pretty boring at home really quick.

You don’t necessarily have to buy these supplies, but rather, search for them if you do have them.

Exercise equipment, books, video games, and even board games will help you get over a lack of movement and activity during quarantine.

4. Stock Up, Don’t Hoard


Panic buying is one of the worst things that people have to contend with during times of crisis.

This is because this doesn’t only cause people to buy things that they might need, thus wasting their limited resources for other emergencies in the future, but it deprives other people of a chance to live comfortably during the quarantine.

A good example of this is how people have been reported to hoard alcohol and other sanitation supplies.

This deprives other people from arming themselves in an attempt to protect themselves from the virus.

Not only that, but this also means that there’s a higher chance that your neighbors might be spreading the virus instead of stopping its transmission, thereby adding to the problem.

Yes, these are indeed difficult times. But remember that we are made from tougher things.

We have the resilience and the creativity to surmount almost any difficulty thrown at us. This virus is no different.