Hands Off The Wheel? Developing Driver Awareness Amid Increasing Distracted Driving Accidents

Developing Driver Awareness

July 16th, 2021   |   Updated on March 2nd, 2022

Distracted driving, in which the person behind the wheel gives attention to objects other than the road, is a scourge on modern highways. SADD statistics show that 25% of all road accidents involve some form of distraction – yet, 60% of drivers persist with texting while behind the wheel.

Preventing distracted driving should be simple, yet the diversity and number of distractions that are introduced to consumer vehicles every year are making the simple act of focused driving more difficult.

As distracted driving accidents continue to rise, drivers should be aware of exactly what can be taking their attention away. Some modern causes aren’t ones that would immediately spring to mind.

The Causes

There are three types of distracted driving; visual distractions, manual distractions and cognitive distractions.

Texting is by far the most dangerous form of distracted driving for this reason, as it combines all three causes.

This is confirmed by the NHTSA, who’s statistics show that over 3,000 people lose their lives on the road every year due to texting and driving.

Knowing what the signs are can help you to spot risky drivers. Look for eyes off the road, speaking or singing, and any movement of the hand away from the wheel.

If consistent, be wary around drivers exhibiting these behaviors. Additionally, however, looking at your own habits can help you to assess if you are creating a risk.

Lost In The Moment

According to insurers BrightMile, one of the rising causes of distracted driving comes from what is, really, an old-world concern – daydreaming.

In the past, where there was just the vehicle and perhaps some music from the stereo, it was easy to drift off behind the wheel.

This habit was rudely interrupted by the likes of mobile phones, talk radio, brighter and flashier cars, and so on.

With digital devices once again pushed to the back of the mind by laws banning texting behind the wheel, and cars boasting features such as cruise control and self-driving, drivers are once again left to their own devices. Stay alert to the road when driving.

The Modern Car

This more automated motoring reality pairs nicely with the rise of the ‘gig’ economy. Short jobs, like food and pizza delivery, on routes dictated by computers in a far smarter way than most motorists would be able to challenge – it’s an easy and routine way to work for many with spare time.

Unfortunately, these jobs have seen a rise in accidents. According to DD Law Tampa, there has been a marked increase in Florida in particular.

Both for those in the industry, and those sharing the roads with them, it’s important to be vigilant to the risks of working with automated routes and delivery instructions.

As home delivery continues its rise, this will only become more important. The modern motorist has had legislation to help prevent distracted driving, but this has given way to new, esoteric risks. Being aware is the biggest part of the challenge in staying safe.