4 Tips To Help You Prevent Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving

January 5th, 2019   |   Updated on September 30th, 2021

Being on the road requires you to focus all of your attention in front of the windshield. When inside your car, you are probably a prisoner in a cage made of aluminum, hurling on the road at some pace. Driving should never be taken lightly because it is a matter of life and death. How you decide to drive is a determinant of whether you’ll get to reach home or not.

Due to the emergence of technology, a driver’s attention is often shifted from driving to social media and texting. Trying to set-up GPS or selecting your favorite song can also be a major distraction problem while driving. Here are some tips on distracted driving to help you be safe while on the road:

Top 4 Ways To Avoid Distracted Driving

1. Avoid Using Your Smartphone

Don't use mobile while driving

The use of smartphones while driving is a major cause of digital distractions. Therefore, it is necessary that you discern and discipline your smartphone use while driving. Know when it is safe to glance at your smartphone and when it’s not.

With the availability of the latest updates on smartphone operating systems, life has become easier because you’re able to see important notifications from your lock screen. Smartphones with these latest updates are also featured with driving modes that can silence all unimportant notifications while you’re on the road.

Some smartphones are also able to integrate with your car so it can recognize voice commands, loudly read all your notifications and allow hands-free calls. Make good use of these features whenever possible, and avoid fiddling with your smartphone. Most importantly, if you must check your phone, park on the side of the road before doing so.


2. Program Your GPS Prior to Setting Off

Safe driving

When using GPS to find directions to a place, it’s necessary to program it before setting off, but not when driving. If you need to make changes to the GPS, park on the side of the road or do it at a stop light. Avoid making changes while driving. To avoid looking at the navigation screen, turn the GPS volume up. It’ll help you prevent distracted driving.


3. Let the Passenger at the Front Help with Other Tasks

Safety driving tips

If you’re not driving alone, allow the front passenger or co-driver to adjust the AC, take selfies and even select your favorite music for you. Focus on driving to make sure that each person traveling in your car reaches their destination safely.


4. Organize Yourself

Organize yourself while driving

Make sure all loose objects on the dashboard are in the right places to prevent them from flying in the car and becoming distractors. Don’t pick things lying on the floor of your car while driving. Organize your coins, pair of shades and documents in specific areas in your car to prevent distracted driving.



Keep yourself safe while on the road because getting involved in a car accident can be deadly and costly. Even if distracted driving isn’t a problem, other distracted drivers can be a potential threat to your safety. If an accident occurs because of another distracted driver, contact a reputable local law firm for legal redress.