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3 Expensive Habits And How You Can Break Them

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Published on May 14th, 2019

It is natural for us as humans, to indulge in one habit or another. Some habits will waste your time and some will take a heavy toll on your health; some combine the two downsides. The habits which are most subtle but toxic, however, are the ones that drain the pocket — the expensive habits.

My expensive habit was gambling. And in those years that I wagered with reckless abandon, it isn’t always for the money. There is some kind of sensation that makes the hair on the nape of my neck bristle. And I was just addicted to the feeling.

But after years of playing with thousands of dollars and barely winning back a tenth, I knew it was time I went “cold turkey” on my bad habit.

There are many bad habits not as foul as gambling but which are expensive all the same. And if you consider how injurious they are, then you already know how much good it would do you to get rid of them.


1. Junk Food


We all have our reasons why we love fast food. These confectioners have us hooked on a myriad of delicacies that indulge the cravings of people. For me, it’s just the sumptuousness of those fat, succulent burgers that makes me to give in once in a while.

When compared to dining out in exquisite restaurants, fast food is cheap. In fact, spoiling yourself to a $5 – $10 treat once in a while is not bad. It only becomes a problem when you make it a habit. Eating fast food 5 times a week may cost you up to $100 a month—that’s a potential $1200/year spent on junk food.

Generally, home-made dishes are healthier. We eat fast food mainly for convenience and because we won’t have to do the dishes. And if to prevent running late in the morning is your alibi, you can make burritos or muffins on weekends and refrigerate them for breakfast fixes during weekdays.

Bringing your lunch from home is a great way to save time and money during breaks at work. You can pack leftovers from the previous night’s dinner in a container that’s ideal for microwaving and warm them up at work.

You can also prepare your dinners ahead of time the way we suggest you do your breakfasts. During the weekend, pre-prepare your veggies, ingredients and sauces. This gets them ready for a quick cook on nights you would be so busy or tired.


2. Buying Coffee


Like most Americans, I can’t do without my daily dose of coffee. If you’re an ardent coffee drinker like me, then you take coffee at least 2 times a day. Some people actually live on this beverage. And regardless of your choice of coffee, we may be looking at some big spending if you get to buy always.

If quality coffee is what you drink, you can’t buy t for less than five bucks a day. 2 cups a day for 20 working days in a month costs you $200 a month. If you think that’s “chicken change,” reduce your coffee purchase by 50% and drop the money in a piggy bank for a year and see how much you’ll save.

By getting a coffee machine, you automatically cut the wasteful spending on coffee. And there is no excuse about a time-consuming brewing process. There is an array of instant coffee makers on The Coffee Machine Guru. There are many affordable coffee machines on the market to choose from. No matter your preference, you’ll find one that’s ideal for you. Have it in your office, home, or any spot where you spend most hours of the day.


3. Drinking Alcohol Socially


I’ll be a sadist to say socializing is not a good thing. While it’s still generally considered as a vice, chilling with one or two bottles of beer after a long day is pretty normal to me. Apart from the money you get to spend, heavy drinking will take a serious toll on your health.

Some people don’t even drink on the daily but even get to spend more than daily drinkers. Even if you only drink on weekends with friends in bars or lounges, it is easy to spend up to $100 per night. That’s $400 a month, and $4800 a year.

No matter the kind of alcohol you drink, it is always much less expensive when you avoid public drinking places like bars and nightclubs where alcohol is usually overpriced. You will get to save a lot of your money if you head over to a friend’s place instead. And if you consider the cost of taxi and hors d’oeuvre that goes with drinking in crowded places, you’ll realize it’s not just worth it.