How To Find Games For Classroom Learning

Games For Classroom Learning

Published on July 16th, 2020

Traditional learning methods are gradually giving way to new age trends in Singapore. Gone are the days when the classroom teacher would dictate everything and provide all the learning.

Today, learning from the earliest levels is a more hands-on process, and this makes it more productive and exciting.

The use of games in classroom learning is one of the most dominant trends in the country. Games are no longer viewed as a waste of time.

Instead, teachers now integrate different practical activities to enhance learning and boost retention.

From enrichment classes for toddlers to preschool and lower school levels, games now play a critical role in learning.

You have a wide range of games such as charades, chair-less musical chairs, four corners, hot potato, Pictionary, hand tricks, Simon says, hide and seek, red light, green light, and others.

This post explores the importance of these games and offers tips on how you can find the best games for your class.

Playing For Learning

Over the last few decades, new thinking has permeated all aspects of life, including education.

It is against this backdrop that games have found a crucial place in the learning process. Here are some of the benefits of incorporating games in your lessons:

  • Boosting motivation: Learners get excited by the mention of games and they discover more in the process.
  • Problem-solving: Most games require a strategy to win, and students have to think hard to emerge winners.
  • Less stressful learning: Games remove the stress from learning and create a more relaxed learning environment.
  • Boosting retention: Some strategy games help boost memory which is a skill every learner needs.
  • Competition: Games allow controlled competition, which motivates students to perform better.
  • Cooperation: Many classroom games require cooperation, a skill that helps a lot in socialisation.
  • Enhanced learning: When choosing classroom games, think of those that help improve your classroom teaching.
  • Language learning: Many preschool games revolve around language learning.

Choosing The Best Classroom Games

online classroom games

Using games for classroom teaching makes life easier for the teacher. You find it easier to teach the most complex concepts to your students.

In early age schools, games make it easier to keep students interested in your content. With this in mind, you should creatively integrate games to elevate your lessons.

Here are some factors to help you identify the best games:

Identify The Goal

Don’t pick a game just because it’s popular but instead, assess its value and determine whether it fits into your teaching goals.

The best classroom game should aid your teaching goals. Such games should drive your classroom teaching forward rather than stagnating it.

The goal of a classroom game can be to introduce a new topic or to review a previously taught lesson.

If you discover some students have a hard time understanding a core concept, you can find a simple remediation game to clarify such topics. A game can also drive the point home to boost retention of a core topic.

Research Widely

The internet is an invaluable research resource and you can find thousands of game titles for use in the classroom.

However, your game should tally with your goals and this is where reviews and testimonials by teachers and other players come handy.

Take your time to see what other teachers use in enrichment classes Singapore before using any game.

Try The Game

After reading much about the game, you need to test the game and review its usefulness. Many teachers order game materials online and use them with students before they first test the model. This approach can backfire if the game doesn’t work as promised.

Playing such a game allows you to get a feel of the tactics and strategies. You also learn how you can customise it to suit your class.

If you have classes for toddlers Singapore, some games might look ideal when advertised online until you test them.

Keep It Simple Game

When looking for the best game for your enrichment classes Singapore, don’t go for a complicated model.

A good game should be easy to set up in class and play. Your students shouldn’t use a lot of time understanding the game as this diminishes the fun. If there are multiple rules to learn, it becomes another lesson instead of a game.


Does this game suit the level of your students? Can you modify it to make it appropriate for your students? When you find an exciting game online, take time to find out from the developer and other teachers if it’s possible to customise it.

A good game should suit individual learners, and that’s why most games feature different levels for the players. Some simple preschool games are easy to modify using locally available materials. Your students will easily connect with such games.

Final Thoughts

If you have a class to teach and you want to enhance the learning experience, you need to consider introducing games.

Games transform boring classes into active communities where everyone wants to play. As the teacher, you should pick a game that helps achieve specific learning goals and take time to review these goals.