Top 7 Highly Profitable Instagram Niches For More Followers

Instagram Niches

September 20th, 2021   |   Updated on October 5th, 2021

For having a successful account on Instagram, it is necessary to choose a niche. With the huge amount of content that is posted on Instagram, it is difficult to stand out without a proper niche.

Some niches perform better and attract more Instagram followers than others. In this article, we have listed down the most profitable Instagram niches to gain followers. We have also talked about the type of content that should be posted in those particular niches.

Highly Profitable Instagram Niches

1. Traveling

Traveling is one of the biggest niches on Instagram. Several traveling pages have followings on the platform. Majority of the people in the world like to travel. These pages showcase the different places one can visit.

This attracts followers as they get an inside view into many destinations. Statistics show that many people use Instagram to search for travel ideas and take inspiration from travel posts.

This gives travel pages a huge audience to target. If you can establish a well-known travel page it opens up a lot of opportunities. Having a prominent traveling page allows you to be an attractive avenue for many tourism-related companies to advertise on.

2. Food

Food-related content is one of the most viewed things on Instagram. Instagram is flooded with pages that showcase various cuisines and eateries.

The number of people who scour Instagram for finding good places to eat, recipes, and just food content, in general, is increasing. If you want to make food your niche, add high-quality pictures to your posts.

They are one of the most important aspects. Post recipe videos as well. Having food as your niche gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of content. You could post pictures of food, give reviews, post recipes, and much more.

Food-related accounts have a high engagement. Having high engagement will make companies come to you to promote their products.

3. Health And Fitness

Health and fitness have taken over social media. The majority of the people are much more focused on their fitness than they used to be some time back.

With more people taking an interest in leading an active life, there has been an increase in the number of companies advertising their fitness products online.

If you succeed in building an account with followers who are dedicated to health and fitness, you will have several companies approach you. These are paid promotions for reviewing or doing a post about their product.

This makes the fitness niche very profitable. In terms of content, you have a lot to experiment with. You could do workout routines, make videos on exercises, gym fails, etc.

4. Fashion

Along with taking inspiration from celebrity looks, there has been an emergence in the number of fashion accounts. These accounts have a variety of fashion content. If you decide to choose this niche you must be aware of all the fashion trends.

The huge popularity of these accounts can be attributed to people using Instagram to get new dressing ideas. The emergence of Instagram reels has added a lot of dynamism to the content that can be posted on these accounts.

Having a popular fashion account gets you a sponsor from the fashion Industry. As the Fashion industry is so huge you have a chance of getting sponsored for posts by companies even if your account does not have a huge following. Remain consistent with your content and follow up on the latest fashion trends.

5. Beauty

The beauty industry does well on Instagram. Several beauty accounts have millions of Instagram followers. Before purchasing beauty products, customers often want to check how their favorite beauty accounts have reviewed them.

This shows the power that the beauty community has over its audience. The content that you post on your beauty account would be reviews of different products, makeup tutorials, covering the launch of new products, and the creation of different makeup routines.

Big cosmetic companies search for good beauty accounts to promote their products. This leads to a lot of profitability. An advantage of the beauty segment is that you get to collaborate with big beauty influencers.

They have their makeup range and often reach out to fellow accounts to promote them. This helps to increase your Instagram followers

6. Business

Business accounts have emerged as one of the top-viewed accounts on Instagram. These accounts have been able to amass a large number of Instagram followers through sharing business tips.

When making an account on business, you could focus on a few aspects. Some of your posts have tips and tricks which are essential to succeed as a business.

As a business account, you could talk about the different methods that have been used by top entrepreneurs to succeed. Content-wise there is a lot of room to work in and find the perfect formula for your business account.

The number of people who are trying to become self-employed is increasing every day. They often choose Instagram as a platform to seek some guidance and motivation. Having this type of audience will attract companies to do collaborations or promotions with you.

7. Parenting

Quite a few parents of this generation use Instagram regularly. A majority of them are new parents with little experience in handling children.

As a result, there has been an increase in the popularity of parenting accounts on Instagram. These accounts mainly revolve around tips to take care of children.

If you are a parent with a lot of experience in taking care of children, this niche is ideal for you. These accounts help you secure promotions from the big companies that make children-oriented products.


Fixating on a particular niche and producing top-quality content on that niche is the best way to gain followers. While you should post content relating to a particular niche, don’t be afraid to post content on other niches relating to it.

Having an account focused on a particular niche with the incorporation of other niches occasionally makes it gain quite a few Instagram followers.