How To Avoid Getting In An Accident?

Car Accident

Published on November 22nd, 2019

While some accidents almost seem inevitable, many are avoidable when you take the proper precautions.

To help you avoid getting in a car accident, here are some useful driver tips to keep you safer.

1. Don’t Get Distracted

Distraction is a significant cause of road accidents. Texting and using apps on a smartphone causes thousands of road deaths annually in the USA. Indeed, the statistics from the NHTSA are sobering enough.

While alcohol and other mind-altering substances are a major cause, too, allowing yourself to get distracted has an easier fix. If you’re going to use your smartphone, pull out of traffic and come to a complete stop before you do.

Understand that most people will call you if it’s urgent and they don’t get a reply from a text. Then, at least, you’re hands-free answering their call.

2. Anticipate What Bad Drivers Will Do

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Some people are bad drivers. Others are seriously impaired and move around the road erratically, making them harder to predict.

Use preventative measures like defensive driving to maneuver your vehicle out of harm’s way. Give questionable drivers more space ahead of you and even change your route to avoid them entirely in case they wipe out.

3. Drive Slower

Increase your reaction time to potential accidents by driving slower. While some people will periodically drive over the speed limit, it helps to be the one who keeps strictly to the speed limit or drives a few miles per hour slower than the limit.

Speeding around trying to break records is a great way to have an accident. This is why younger drivers who haven’t learnt to be more cautious tend to have an increased rate of accidents compared to older drivers. Give yourself more time to react by driving slower.

4. Don’t Drive When You’re Overly Tired

Car Accidents

When you’ve become overly tired, it’s best to get an Uber and leave your car in place. Don’t expect that you can drive in a protective manner towards both yourself and your vehicle when you’re tired.

You’ll miss the signs of other bad drivers, react slower to a car in front braking harder than normal and be statistically far more likely to have an accident.

5. Be Prepare for an Accident

If you do get into an accident, get as much proof as possible by taking photos and video at the scene, taking down the details of any witnesses nearby and coming away with confirmed information.

If you have your own dashcam footage, get that at the time. Ask for copies of other drivers’ dashcam footage, too.

Don’t rely on the police releasing their information. Have what a car accident lawyer houston area is going to need to prove culpability.

With this information, the insurance company has less leverage to argue that an accident happened a different way and attribute blame elsewhere, too.

A lawyer that has dealt with the most common insurance companies and understands how they handle claims is best positioned to get the best settlement offer. Have someone who’s on your side should the worst happen.