Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Use Machine Translation

machine translation API

Published on February 1st, 2022

The future is here, and there is no denying it. With so many technologies emerging and others being improved, it is pretty challenging to keep up with everything tech-related.

Many of these digital applications have a lot of advantages and can be used to support and facilitate certain activities.

For this reason, many individuals nowadays are focused on constantly learning and updating their skill set in order to remain relevant in an almost entirely digital world.

But while some technologies require individuals to learn new skills, there are others that can replace humans altogether. This may sound worrying; however, it isn’t necessarily the face.

For example, when it comes to translating large blocks of text, it can be an exhausting and rather tedious activity for a human to do. Instead, they could use their energy to learn a new skill or work on something that brings them joy and fulfillment.

Therefore, machine translation API has various applications, and there are plenty of reasons you should include it in your technology stack. Here are the top four of these reasons:

1. It Is A Faster And Private Translation Method

For many businesses, time optimization is of the utmost importance. This ensures efficiency and a seamless running of the company. However, as crucial as speed may be, it is also essential that whatever you do to provide it is also a reliable and private method and that your data is not re-utilized without your consent.

In this case, machine translation has been improved to the point that not only is it fast, but it also generates accurate results that are close to human parity with little or no errors. Check Pangeanic’s ECO platform to name just one provider focusing on adaptive technology and privacy.

2. It Is An Effective Way Of Translating A Large Amount Of Text

As mentioned above, efficacy and speed are two of the best advantages when it comes to machine translation technologies. But, another benefit of using this and why you should consider this technology is thanks to its ability to translate large amounts of data and text.

If your business deals with something like this, you will need to invest in machine translation. Not to mention that this is also a more cost-effective method. Even if you wish to verify with human translation, the overall expenses will still be reduced. From a business perspective, this is yet another advantage.

3. It Is An Excellent Option For Real-time Communication

There are cases where hiring a human for their translation skills isn’t too practical. For example, if you need to translate real-time communications, such as email or live chat, it is best to use a machine learning tool that can accurately do this for you. So, instead of hiring someone for such an unnecessary task, you can simply use the technology.

4. It Facilitates Human Translation If Needed

Another reason you should consider using machine translation is that it can support human translation. If you need a specialized person to translate industry-specific text, you may want to translate the block of text with the technology at the beginning.

This will facilitate the job of the professional human translator, and specific linguist often referred to as post-editing. After the machine translation effectively does its job, the human translation is needed to edit all the smaller details that can sometimes get lost in translation, especially if there are technical terms involved.