How Can You Improve Engagement, Retention And Adoption Rate For Mobile App Users?

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Published on May 20th, 2020

The engagement, retention and adoption rate of a mobile app largely depends on its user base, subscriptions, purchases, visits, session lengths, active users, etc.

Usually expressed in terms of percentage, it measures how many app users took some action and returned back for subsequent actions.

Usually, user retention, engagement and adoption are measured by repeat purchases, repeat logins, renewed subscriptions, etc.

So, if you are an app owner, here we are going to discuss how a user onboarding software can help, and how it can improve engagement, retention and adoption rate for mobile app users.

Sending Targeted Emails

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This is another interesting strategy to improve engagement with your app users.

Although this is an old-fashioned method of marketing, it can be an effective tactic to send personalized messages and greetings to your users.

If you are launching a new feature in your app, you can notify your users about it in these emails.

However, make use of a good feature adoption software to make it easier for your users to get adapted to the new feature and use it at its best.

You can also email them timely reminders about your latest products and services. However, too frequent or inappropriate emails may encourage your users to block your email address as spam.

Follow these tips to boost user engagement with emails without spamming:

  • Send emails to introduce a product update or new feature in your app
  • Provide suggestions or tips to try an unused feature in your app
  • Notify your users about any special discounts, gifts or freebies in your app
  • Sending greetings to your users on their birthdays, anniversaries, new year, or other important festivals
  • Notify them about any upcoming product event

Simplifying Onboarding Process

As an app developer, it is your responsibility to give an excellent app onboarding experience to your users.

Poor experience can create a negative impression on your users, and may send all your app engagement initiatives into waste.

A simplified onboarding experience can increase the engagement, retention and adoption rate of your app users by as much as 60%.

To ensure that your users do not abandon your app during the registration phase itself, use an efficient software program to let them enter smoothly.

Wondering how this software can help? Here’s what it does:

  • Reduces steps required for registration at the time of sign-up
  • Minimizes the number of information fields to be filled
  • Making use of innovative ways, like icons, buttons and images, to capture user data

All in all, the primary purpose of this software is to keep the process simple and straightforward.

Sending Appropriate Push Notifications

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Sending push notifications to your app users is a wonderful technique to grab their attention and improve their engagement.

However, make sure that the notifications you send to them are appropriate to their interests and requirements.

Inappropriate and too frequent notifications may give them a reason to uninstall your app altogether.

Good push notifications are the ones that are location based, that are targeted to your user’s interests, and are timed right.

Hope the above mentioned measures will prove to be helpful in boosting engagement, retention and adoption rate for mobile app users.

By using the products and services of Apxor, you can attract, engage and retain your app users for long-term.