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How A School App Makes Your Life Easier As A Class Parent


Published on May 16th, 2019

Numerous studies have shown that parents’ involvement in their children’s education usually results in their higher academic success. It’s all about finding the right methods and achieving the balance between the kids’ abilities and parents’ expectations.

Being there to support your kids‘ desires and dreams, and nurturing their passions and optimism is what will help them build up their self-esteem and confidence. As they go through a very delicate period of growing up, the encouragement they get from their parents is crucial for their long-term success. Even though the kids might have a certain limitation, a lack of talent or discipline, there’s always something that parents can do to help steer them in the right direction.

During the school year, it can be quite challenging to manage all the school stuff and extracurricular activities. In addition to using their own skills, parents can also turn to modern technology and use it to stay on top of all the things their child is involved with. Nowadays, mobile apps are used to engage not only students but also the faculty, parents and community.

Here are the ways school apps can help you as a class parent and make your life much easier.

1. Engaging Students And Parents

Engaging students and parents

Mobile apps can mostly be used as a tool for engaging both students and parents and connecting them to information they need the most at any given moment. It could be anything from current school events and extracurricular activities, to being a quick reference point course calendars, school policies or simple notes.

Apps can also be a great additional source of information by providing maps, daily lunch menu and bus routes.

One great advantage of these apps, Sentral school management software included, is that they are in sync with the existing student information systems, so the parents have a direct insight into grades, teachers’ comments, attendance records, homework assignments and they are given the opportunity to make instant payments and communicate easily with the teachers.

The latest statistical data show that educational mobile apps have reached the third position on the list of most frequently downloaded apps, and they are also widely used by colleges and universities for online and distance learning which makes it much easier for those students to submit their work online.


2. Easy Access To Information

School mobile apps allow you very easy access to school information so even if the school website is not functioning, you have no reason to worry. With the app on your phone, you’re just a click away from finding out what you need. The same convenience goes if you don’t have a laptop or a desktop computer at home. Smartphones and their accessibility make life so much easier and simpler.

School apps are also great for dispensing news and events that take place at schools so there’s no need to make announcements individually. Any information regarding class timings, courses, schedule or school policies will reach you via an app and you’ll always have all the vital, updated information.


3. Open Communication

Students in the library

In general, parents and student guardians are required to visit their child’s school and inquire about their progress, which can be quite challenging nowadays due to a faster pace of life and busy schedules.

Therefore, it isn’t uncommon for parents to fail to visit which only adds pressure and frustration in their lives. Mobile school apps allow parents to keep in touch with the school, have constant communication with the teachers and monitor their child’s progress.


4. Community Involvement

School mobile apps also create a great opportunity to contact board members, publish board meetings and promote community events. This allows schools as institutions to get engaged with the public and establish their position as an influential part of the local community. Some schools have even adopted a “tip lines” message feature that invites the community members to give their opinions or express concerns regarding school-related topics.


5. Convenient And Useful

Recruitment Apps

In addition to being very convenient and useful when it comes to having open communication with the school, mobile school apps also allow parents to directly report their child’s absence. As kids often forget to carry their absent note with them, this is another issue you can conveniently avoid by using an app.

Moreover, apps will also save you time and money since their inexpensive, easy to use and will save you a trip to school. By offering all the information regarding school activities in one place, they will also save your time leaving you free to devote yourself to spending more quality time with your children.

Being a parent is not easy and being a supporting parent will require you to step back from your own needs and focus on what is best for your child. Even though your kids’ needs and dreams may change monthly or even weekly, providing your constant support and encouragement to pursue their dreams is the best thing you can do.

School apps are there as yet another tool to help you in the process and while there are no guarantees of success, being involved will help you both have a better relationship.