What You Should Expect From A Training Vendor For Cisco Devnet Associate?

Cisco Devnet Associate

Published on May 13th, 2022

Cisco’s Devnet Associate was introduced in 2019 Cisco to target automation, and programmability skills for the Network Engineers bringing the Developer and the Network Engineering community together. Of course in the Devnet Associate exam, Data Encoding, APIs, and SDK’s Automating Cisco Platforms are some of the topics but in this post, we will discuss what you should expect from a good cisco devnet associate training.

Study Group For Cisco Devnet Associate Exam

In addition to covering each and every topic of the exam agenda with the many hands-on practical examples and the labs, good training should come up with the study group support.

When you have the questions related to the Automation, Programmability, APIs, and Encoding topics, you should be able to discuss those in the community.

Most of the communities are built to discuss the exam dumps or share only exam questions or they are completely silent.

A good study group should be helping your knowledge, it should improve your experience with the automation and programmability topics.

Passing the exam with the dumps and being in the community for it won’t bring you any benefit in the long run and you won’t be learning anything actually.

Thus, from the training vendor, one of the expectations should be study group support that provides real-life knowledge, and support and should be active with many experienced automation engineers.

Is There A Mentorship In The Training Vendor Offerings?

Not just the study group support but also good training vendors should provide mentorship support.

With mentorship, you should get the next steps, you should know what to focus on during your study, you should hear whether you should use this resource or that resource, basically some interactive, maybe even one-to-one discussion with the instructor you should expect.

Even if the training these days are mostly video-on-demand, self-paced format, still within these study groups, instructors are providing mentorship support with some of these training vendors.

Thus, we definitely recommend you to check whether they support some live help, because Devnet and in general Network Automation are fairly new topics, not so many people are interested, and not so much very clear documentation is out there, unfortunately.

That’s; why live help in the study group is one of the key benefits of these training vendors will be. Please make sure, that both study group and mentorship support are available as a part of Devnet associate training.

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