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15 Online Quiz Makers Software

Quiz Makers Software

Published on October 10th, 2019

It is no longer difficult to grasping and having your audience’s attention.

These days, individuals are blasted with marketing all day. Luckily, there is fun, and exclusive techniques you can execute to draw in your target audience, in this case, online quiz maker software is one of those techniques.

It has been observed that individuals find it fun and interesting when it comes to filling online quizzes, and the method has demonstrated to be an engaging way to get engagements with your brand.

Moreover, with the help of regular online quizzes, you can remain on top as soon as your consumers make their mind to make a purchase.

Furthermore, you can get improved awareness of your consumers with the help of online quizzes.

As a result, you can get in a better position when it comes to making a reliable relationship with your clients.

There’s a range to select from when you’re searching for a professional online quiz maker/software/survey tool or a free and easy.

The selection will be based on your survey requirements so that you could get best lasting results.

In this post, you will get a chance to go through the features of most preferred 15 online quiz makers/software.

First, Let’s Explore the Fundamental Alternatives Of An Excellent Quiz Maker

quize maker

These days, you will find quiz makers in a range of forms. Some of them have been created to cater to highly professional requirements, whereas some are truly easygoing.

Some are planned for fun survey only, and others are intended to drive substantial business growth.

Irrespective of your objective, it is recommended to consistently search for the following fundamental features when it comes to utilizing the quiz maker tool/software.

A. Simple Possibilities for Promotion

The intention of your survey would be to get the maximum number of responses, isn’t that so?

Therefore, picking a tool/software that offers built-in sharing choices could turn out to be the most productive one for you, on the grounds that it’ll help boost reach.

You need to make certain that the tool has a native sharing alternative for improved social media reach.

B. Analysis of Collected Data

You will need to know the way you are going to gather and utilize the data.

This is a serious aspect to consider. In the event that it is hard to deal with the collected data and it is difficult to recognize the key trends, at that point, it’s of no use.

You need to make certain the data you gather can be transferred or examined in-app such that is simple for you.

C. Option to Capture Lead

In most cases, you’ll likewise need your quiz to catch lead information from the user.

Therefore, you need to make sure there’s a built-in option that you can utilize to gather more than the respondent’s answers and make sure it can incorporate with your primary CRM or ESP.

At this point, we’ve gone through the essential features of survey makers software, now let’s find out the top 15 online quiz makers/ software.


1. Interact


The software is intended to develop a record of possible customers quickly by means of developing and publishing fascinating contests your possible customers would most likely answer and see its outcomes.

The software allows you to integrate with some of the common email marketing tools, for example, MailChimp and others through Zapier.

The majority need to link their contests onto their websites. You can begin for free without having email collection or other pleasant features to give it a shot, and the net plan is just $17/month.

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2. Riddle


The tool is intuitive and easy to utilize without requiring coding skills. Within a couple of minutes, your first quiz can go live.

You can likewise create, alter, and publish quizzes utilizing their WordPress plugin. Prominent features:

  • You can engage visitors (it has been observed that visitors who take part in quiz stay 37% longer on your site).
  • You can create contests (for example, ‘get at least 80% correct for the opportunity to win!).
  • Acquire additional leads (incorporate lead generation form, and afterward qualify each sign up dependent on their quiz responses).
  • You can display your lead structure before the user sees their results.

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3. SurveyAnyplace


The quiz maker simply allows you to include your logo, colors, and additional brand components.

Moreover, with simple couple of steps, you can include pictures, videos, animations. On the grounds that you can get better outcomes by means of enjoyable and appealing content.

The software lets you walk through each step of making your quiz or survey.

The created surveys are adjustable to each gadget and condition you put it in. Phone or tablet, iOS or Android.

You can also link with your native app, on a tab on your Facebook page, or in your web app. You can easily collect and analyze data with the help of this quiz maker tool.

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4. Engageform by 4Screens

4 screen

You will need a little time to make a contest, survey or poll that is also mobile friendly.

You can make use of several visual customization alternatives, such as:

  • The software allows you to share and embed it easily. It only requires few clicks to share your contest, poll or survey.
  • You can make leads. Be able to develop an exclusive connection with your fans and customers. Connect them with your engaging content and utilize this opportunity to pick up leads.
  • You can collect feedback and states.

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5. Quiz Cat

Quiz Cat

With the use of this WordPress plugin, you can get results. Obtain more engagements, more social shares, and more email alternatives. You can make quizzes for your website.

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6. GetFeedback


The tool is known to offer aesthetically-pleasing layout, which includes both customers facing, and the back-end.

It is a cutting-edge alternative for quiz and survey creation yet is still generally simple to use for the beginner. It lets you combine into Salesforce CRM, and comprehensive analysis so you can put your freshly discovered data to great use.

The tool equips you with full customization to your branding and coming exceptionally rated.

You can make use of excellent available alternatives, perfect for bigger teams and organizations that truly need to drill down into their audience data.

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7. Typeform


The way you ask is everything. One of the most captivating quiz maker tools. The platform is a flexible data collection tool for expert marketers.

The software offers easy asking and refreshing answering alternatives.

Moreover, the software lets you connect with Unsplash to get free images, and furthermore you can upload gifs to your quizzes.

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The quiz maker tool equips you with options to create quizzes, change the way they look like and link with your website instantly.

The tool makes it fast and simple to make intelligent content that your users will love. You can create quizzes that draw in your users and develop leads.

Easily make quizzes that allure potential users to draw in with your brand. Towards the end of your contests, you can display offers and produce leads with a promotion.

You can go through their answers and see the results – this is an incredible beginning point for a conversation!

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9. Shortstack


Are you in need of creating additional leads by accomplishing something exceptional and in fun way? With the help of a new layout, you can create extraordinary quizzes and reviews.

Below, you will find some of the key features you can make use of:

  • With the help of this tool, you can include questions/MCQs.
  • Users need to submit lead collection forms before discovering their scores.
  • Present dynamic results dependent on participants’ scores.
  • The tool allures users to share their results with companions, which triggers friendly competition amongst companions and produces more leads for you.

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With the use of this tool, you can generate alluring quizzes, valuations, and character tests. The tool has the potential to turn out to be the finest quiz maker and test developer.

The tool allows you to create attracting quizzes that can go viral, engage your audience, and get leads.

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11. Survey Monkey


The tool can help you can make basic surveys and polls in a short time, and you would be surprised to know that you can use basic version free of cost.

The product carries several layouts and questions prepared by ‘survey methodologists,’ and is particularly intended to draw the correct info out of respondents.

In spite of the fact that you have an option to alter the design and format of your contests and surveys, a typical analysis is that you can’t completely brand the surveys on the grounds that the software logo remains.

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12. Fieldbloom

feild bloom

Surveys and contests produced utilizing the software are exclusively aesthetically-pleasing.

You can make use of fine images available in the template. The tool can turn out to be the best choice for making quizzes, surveys, as well as forms with consistent information combination with MailChimp, HubSpot, Google Sheets, and some more.

The tool also equips you with cutting-edge options such as skip logic and answer piping directs users into pathways dependent on their answers.

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13. Qzzr


Inbound marketers introduced this survey tool with the particular objective of getting qualified leads.

It makes completely adjustable contests and surveys through its straightforward, exquisite interface.

Moreover, users can likewise use its extensive facts analysis of the answers and utilize its social sharing incorporations to get to a bigger audience.

The amazing feature the tool has to offer is the capability to target offers dependent on the users’ answers. For instance, you can include a ‘Buy Now’ CTA on the results page for an item a user filled the survey.

You would be surprised to know that, It’s the least expensive choice in the list; however, it does not have the cutting-edge features as compared to some of its competitors.

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14. Opinion Stage


You can create interactive surveys, polls, and more with the help of this software. Effectively make excellent interactive content to drive viral reach and engagement.

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15. Google Forms

google form

The tool is common and free to use with simple to-utilize features. The tool comes with basic functionality, and you may not find the prettiest interface.

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