A Bit Of History Regarding Workers Compensation And The Law Behind It

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Published on September 4th, 2019

It was in the year 1911, which saw the first enactment of the USA’s first workers’ compensation laws, which is state based in nature.

It was right after the Industrial revolution stated few decades before and made it quite necessary to just change way in which the costs are mostly associated with deaths and some workplace injuries, which were later compensated.

It was actually Wisconsin which claims the right credit for the first constitutional statute with not just Massachusetts but some 8 more states, not quite behind. At the end of this current decade, around 36 other states have followed the same fate.

More To Learn

Going through the changes which took place, it is not a big surprise that 2011 saw so many commemorations of this economic, social and legal milestone. In Massachusetts, plans were made underway to mark this present occasion. It was the second state to have passed the workers’ compensation statute.

  • Then later, on April 7th, 2011, Massachusetts was the one to hold the centennial commemoration, which has attracted multiple interests across the entire country.
  • Before just detailing plans in Massachusetts, it is vital to examine the historical origins of concept briefly with no-fault based system of compensating some of the job based deaths and injuries. It will help you to learn about Brooklyn New York workers compensation as well.

The Early History Of The Workers’ Compensation


As per Gregory Guyton in the year 1999, in ancient Sumeria in around 2050 BC, the current law of Ur in the Nippur Tablet No, 3191 offered the first glimpse of compensation for injury to workers’ specified body parts.

  • As per the ancient Arab law, the loss of any thumb was actually worth around one-half the value of that finger. However, the loss of male genital was compensated by amount of length lost.
  • The matter of this estimation is lost to history. There are so many such same points existed and contained in the Hammurabi’s Code in the year 1750 BC and even in some Roman, Greek and Chinese law.
  • The most common denominator in most of the cases are the early schemes, which were compensation for schedules for the specified injuries which will determined specified monetary based rewards.
  • The current concept of the impairment was quite distinct thought from disability.

Organizing The Legal Workers For This Workers’ Compensation

Other than fascinating history of origin of what is called workers’ compensation of modern world some of the organizations like WILG committed in protecting interests of the injured workers and families and educating them to represent them in equal interest.

The commissioners over here were the judges and arbitrators who actually ruled on the workers’ compensation claims, which arose out of around 2 million accidents on yearly count in the American workplaces.

The idea of workers’ compensation insurance policies and help from the injury lawyers have evolved quite a lot from the first time it was introduced. The changes took place with passing time and the final stage is an appreciative one.