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Top 10 Astounding Things, Places, And Facts That Can Leave Anyone Baffled

Astounding Facts That Can Leave Anyone Baffled

July 26th, 2018   |   Updated on June 28th, 2022

Who doesn’t love some thrill and suspense in their lives? But do you really think getting so mere mystery tales through fiction books, and movies are enough?

How about some real-life mysteries and some thrill? Yes! You read that right, in real life too there are many mysterious places that once discovered by you are sure to leave you baffled. Some places are such that if you don’t see them with your own eyes you will never agree to its existence.

If this sounds exciting enough to you, then you may choose to continue reading this article and get to know about the world’s top ten astounding places, things, and facts that will leave you perplexed.


1. The Georgia Guidestones

The Georgia Guidestones

Amongst all the other monuments all over the world, The Georgia Guidestones stand differentiated due to its uniqueness; it has a set of 10 guidelines that is written on it in eight different languages.

There are four huge up-right stones that have one guideline on each of its faces. The purpose of the creation of this guidestone is not understood by the majority of the people and has led to many conjectures.

Did you know there have also been many attempts and orders to destroy the Georgia Guidestones because they are considered to be a threat and may lead to a global destruction?


2. Rongorongo


Image Source: karenstollznow

The Rongorongo is a mystery that can be found in the Easter Islands, located right at the center of the Pacific Ocean. Justifying its ancient tradition and mystical customs this place is the home to this mysterious piece of inscriptions.

Many stones covered with undecipherable glyphs are found in the Easter Islands. None of the decipherment attempts by various people has been successful until now.

If the inscriptions on the Rongorongo could actually be read someday, it will uncover many inventions of human writing.


3. The Mayan Empire

The Mayan Empire

The Mayan civilization in South America, during the height of its reign, was the most advanced civilizations in the world. They were popular for the hieroglyphic script which was the only known writing system that was completely developed.

The Mayan Civilization was an expert in agriculture, pottery and they also contributed to the world some of the most beautiful architectural and symbolic artwork.

The strange part is that the entire Mayan empire disappeared all of a sudden. Though there were a few clues to be found, people to date do not clearly know what happened.


4. The Voynich Manuscript

The Voynich Manuscript

Discovered in the early 20th century, The Voynich Manuscript is a medieval manuscript that is full of pages with strange symbols and unknown plants.

This unsolved mystery has been studied by many professionals, but no one has yet succeeded in decoding the matter that is written in this manuscript. Due to its mystery element, the text has also been subject to speculations.


5. The Beale Ciphers

The Beale Ciphers

Image Source: mind-blowingfacts

The interesting Beale Ciphers consists of three large cipher texts and are said to reveal the location of some hidden treasure of gold, silver and other valuables that are worth millions.

Researchers, since many years, have tried very hard to crack the code found on the ciphers and though they have managed to figure out the first text they are still far away from solving the entire code.

With the breaking of the first code, it has been learned that the treasure is located somewhere in Bedford County, in Virginia. But since, the other two cipher texts are yet to be decoded; nobody has yet been successful in finding this hidden treasure.


6. The Kryptos Code

The Kryptos Code

This Cryptographic puzzle by the name of Kryptos is a mystery of the CIA headquarters that has not yet been solved. The CIA headquarters holds a number of such secrets and thus, a result of which the presence of this Kryptos comes as absolutely no surprise to anyone.

Created in the 90’s this puzzle has four sections to it. Three of these messages have been decoded successfully; however, the fourth message is still a mystery as it remains unsolved even after numerous attempts by the experts.


7. The Shugborough Inscription

The Shugborough Inscription

250 years ago, the mysterious Shugborough Inscription was found and due to the mystery it beholds, has many speculations surrounding it.

This stone monument is located in Staffordshire in England and has a sequence of letters that is yet to be decoded. Since the sequence is still not deciphered it is believed that it makes no sense.

However, it could actually prove to be a hidden message that could lead to the location of the Holy Grail or the Knights Templar.


8. The Siberian Sinkholes

 The Siberian Sinkholes


The sinkholes in Siberia has left many scientists completely perplexed as Siberia is one of the world’s most isolated places, had suddenly been discovered with large sinkholes, the creation of which came as a shock to many.

Did you ever imagine that there could actually be someplace with holes that looked like there is a presence of aliens?

Well, the Siberian sinkholes are also believed to be a result of such alien invasion. However, this mystery is yet to be unfolded.


9. Birds Committing Suicide On Moonless Nights

Birds Committing Suicide On Moonless Nights - Astounding Facts That Can Leave Anyone Baffled

Image Source: bp.blogspot

You will be shocked to know that in Assam, during the months of September and October, on a moonless night you can witness a scene where you will suddenly see a large number of birds falling from the sky laying lifeless between 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm.

The reason for the occurrence of such a scene is yet unknown as the dead bodies of the birds give no clue as to what could have been the cause of their death.

India being a superstitious country believes that it is simply a “haunting night” that justifies this event.


10. The Taos Hum

The Taos Hum - Astounding Facts That Can Leave Anyone Baffled

It is believed that if you visit the Taos town in New Mexico, you will get to hear a very low-frequency sound which is strangely heard throughout the entire town.

The reason for this humming sound is not yet been discovered, however, it is believed that it could be a result of the UFO’s or the control signals.

The above-mentioned list of facts and things are sure to leave anyone baffled if studied in depth. These mysteries until being solved will continue to astound the generations to come.