20 Best Contact Management Software For Advanced Customer Relationship Management

Contact Management Software

July 22nd, 2020   |   Updated on January 31st, 2024

Contact management no longer remains just a simple exercise of recording customers’ contact details, and occasionally sending a-email to them.

It has evolved into a more sophisticated exercise. It is now one of the important parts of business plan improve sales and best brand images.

Now, businesses are supposed to be stay in touch with your contacts all the time and respond to them in real time. A good contact management software makes this task easier. It structures all your contacts and put them at one organized place.

You should look for a contact management software which goes beyond the simple task of storing basic contact details of names, phone numbers, emails etc, and can keep track of extra details such as customers’ preferences, likes and dislikes.

Only such contact management software can be expected to help you transform your sales management exercise into relationship management.

Contact management software Monday collects phone calls, chat details, emails and other information about customer interactions. Features of Customer relationship management software Monday help you to manage customers, leads, and campaigns.

Here we have listed 20 best contact management software, that are good for all type of businesses:

1. Insightly

Insightly provides customer relationship management software for businesses of all sizes across a range of industries such as manufacturing, consulting, professional services, media and advertising, non-profit, technology and others.

With more than 1.5 million users and over 25,000 companies worldwide, Insightly is the world’s most popular CRM software for Google and Office 365 users.

Insightly gives you everything you need to build a complete view of your customers across the entire buying experience, and deliver exactly what they want—from the first ‘hello’ to delivery and beyond.

2. Pobuca Contact

It stores names, organizations, job titles and get all their contact details and related info. It constantly updates your contacts list by scanning business cards or grabbing email signatures and sync all your devices (desktop, mobile, web, outlook) to be automatically updated with the latest info.

Its built-in Pobuca Bot that will help you out by searching & updating contact details of people and organizations stored in Pobuca Connect.

3. Cloze

Cloze automatically keeps track of your email, phone calls, meetings, documents, Evernote, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. And everything from dozens of other services.

And it’s all organized for you — by contact, company, meeting, etc. — without any busy work. Cloze’s learning algorithm knows who is important to you and automatically prompts you when it is time to reach out, so you’ll always be on top of your customers and pipeline.

4. SalesRabbit

SalesRabbit is the complete outside sales app. A sales enablement service and mobile CRM designed specifically for outside sales, including field sales and door-to-door sales teams. Its canvassing app provides solutions for lead tracking, lead management, and all your other field sales and d2d needs.

5. Salesmate

With Salesmate CRM, sales teams can eliminate the busywork and use modern sales techniques to engage more prospects.

With more time and the right insights, they can sell faster and deliver a personalized experience to each customer. It has simple drag-and-drop interface which helps you track, filter, and progress all your deals. It sets sales and revenue goals for your reps and track their progress towards achieving them.

6. Agile CRM

Agile CRM sales automation software creates new tasks automatically for your team. Put your appointment calendar online and automate everything from telephony to follow-up emails. Reach a dramatically higher ROI with complete contact views, deal tracks, lead scoring, real-time alerts and deep analytics. The contact timeline in the Sales CRM provides all the necessary information about customer’s journey.

7. Contact Boss

Contact Boss is a lightweight, simple to use CRM Database Manager, with heavyweight capabilities! Enter, search, and move between functional areas intuitively. Contact Boss requires a minimal amount of training so everyone on the team can pick it up and go effortlessly.

With the Legacy Data Support function, you can upload your existing database and be up and running quickly with no need to manually enter old data.

8. Engage Bay

With its comprehensive set of Marketing tools, including Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Email Template Builder, Landing Page Builder, Lead Generation tools, Social Suite & more, your marketing team can take things to the next level.

Along with a full stack of software for marketing, sales, and customer service, EngageBay also offers a completely free CRM at its core. While they’re powerful when used individually, they are at their best when used together.

9. Solve

It simplifies all record keeping, communication, scheduling and information sharing; especially when mobile.

You can:

  • Streamline routines with multi-step workflows
  • Tap to effectively hand-off work with all relevant details; tracked to completion

10. Streak

Streak  lets you plan and manage your trades without coding, on the go. With Streak’s cloud based technology, you can access all your strategies anytime, anywhere. Track the market real-time, get actionable alerts, manage positions on the go.

11. amoCRM

With amoCRM, every conversation is readily available in single unified inbox. amoCRM connects with the most popular messenger apps: Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Skype, WeChat, Telegram and more. No matter your target – more sales, better marketing or quality support – you can be present on the channels your customers love.

Whether that’s an incoming chat message, lead capture form, phone call or email – amoCRM automatically pulls leads from all your sources into a single, unified inbox. All contact data and conversations are synced in real time, and you can respond without switching apps.

12. Outlook4Gmail

Outlook4Gmail is an Outlook add-in that helps you to sync Google and Outlook calendars, contacts and tasks. It is a perfect syncing tool for Outlook users who have one or multiple Google accounts.

13. ABBYY Business Card Reader

You can use your smartphone to scan business cards and save all the data to your contact list. Network and share your contact details with just one tap. Sending an e-mail with your digital business card now only takes a few seconds.

All contacts are stored in a cloud and synchronized across your devices, allowing access from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

14. InTouch

Its award winning Sales and Marketing software helps ‘forward thinking’ small businesses convert their prospects into customers and turn their customers into referrers. Its typical customers are business owners who turnover between £50-500k per year who don’t enjoy the traditional sales process.

15. Vtiger Sales CRM

Gain deeper insights into your pipeline, open deals, territory performance and much more with sales insights and custom reports. Schedule reports to get them delivered right into your email inbox.

Vtiger pulls together all opportunities, factors in sales stage and probability of closing and shows how much revenue you can expect.

16. Relenta

You get a complete, instant and real-time 360-degree view into each relationship through Contact Timeline, where shared emails and interactions are assigned to contacts automatically.

With email marketing built in, you can send the same email to multiple customers and make it highly personable.

You can sort your contacts into groups and apply Get Things Done productivity workflow to emails and conversations. With an easy-to-use interface, everything is no more than one click away.

17. Nimble

Nimble Mobile 3.0 CRM is a social sales and marketing CRM and pipeline manager for mobile teams and professionals.

Access all your contacts from mobile, cloud-based and desktop records in one, comprehensive personal or team relationship manager.

Nimble helps you prepare for meetings while on-the-go by delivering sales intelligence and detailed dossiers about people you’re meeting.

It also enables you follow up and follow-through more efficiently across all deal stages using smaller, more portable devices.

Nimble Prospector delivers the power of Nimble everywhere you work by providing relationship insights to help you take effective action inside your email inbox, social sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, AngelList, Google+ and in any web browser app.

The app automatically displays contact and company details and the teams complete communication history including emails, social interactions and messages, notes and calendar events for every contact in Nimble.

18. Nutshell

Nutshell Pro is a complete CRM and sales automation solution, designed to help sales teams of all sizes optimize their efforts and focus more of their time on building relationships.

Nutshell natively integrates with G Suite and Microsoft Office email and calendars. It’s so easy you don’t need an IT department!

19. Astrea Smart vCard

With Smart vCard for Salesforce CRM, available from the AppExchange, it becomes insanely easy to export and import your Salesforce CRM Contact information as vCards.

Smart vCard allows for exporting Contact information one at a time or in multiples. What’s more – Contact information can be exported from Leads, Contacts, Accounts and Users, and into PDF format too!

20. Rolo

good contact management software

It is a complete tool-belt that helps you manage and track customer interactions. You can add tasks, events and more. You can also track physical visits (using address from GPS). RoloCRM looks just like your dialer and SMS app. Just swipe right to add more information to your CRM. With RoloCRM, there is no need for your team to learn a new UI.

RoloCRM automatically logs your client calls and SMSes into your CRM. You don’t have to copy-paste SMS messages. Focus on the deals, not the CRM.