20 Best CRMs For Mac Users

CRMs For Mac Users

August 12th, 2020   |   Updated on June 30th, 2022

Customer relationship management (CRM) for Mac should effortlessly integrate with various macOS tools. Although, CRM’s may not be built exclusively for MAC, but they must work well for Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

It does not matter whether your organization is small or medium-sized, if you are using Mac, you should look for a CRM that can help you manage all aspects of customer relationships.

There are more Windows-optimized CRMs than the ones which are especially designed and developed for Mac. Hence, Mac-users will have to be more careful while purchasing a CRM. You should choose a CRM that not only has features which will fulfill you need, but it should also have a tool that’s optimized for your Mac.

Here, we have chosen 20 best CRMs for Mac users.

1. vCita

vcita is a business management and client engagement app, designed to help small businesses grow. Tailored specifically for service providers, vcita redefines the way businesses interact with their clients, driving more opportunities from the web, mobile, email and social while empowering clients to self-serve.

It allows you store, manage and label your leads, contacts and clients in one centralized online hub.

2. Pipedrive

You get more hot leads fed straight into your sales pipelines around the clck from your custom chatbot and web forms. You can also track calls, emails and contact history exactly where you need to and have full visibility and control of your schedule.

3. Daylite

Daylite works seamlessly with the Mac, iPhone and iPad, and is a full-featured CRM system for keeping track of your business. Whether it’s calendar, email, or contact management; project tracking or following up on business opportunities, Daylite is the most comprehensive tool for managing your business. Daylite software works at the center of your business and keeps everything one click away – contacts, projects, opportunities, appointments, tasks and more.

4. Gro CRM

Gro CRM delivers everything you need at a rate that quickly pays for itself. Setup couldn’t be easier with the direct Apple Contacts import and easy to navigate user-interface design. Make your iPhone and iPad the most powerful sales tool you own with the Gro CRM app and never miss a followup with a potential client.

Its Mac CRM software platform works seamlessly for single-users, small teams, startups, small businesses, nonprofits and more.

5. Insightly

Insightly Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and project management is a leading cloud-based application built for businesses of all sizes. More than 1.5 million users in 200+ countries worldwide, trust Insightly to help grow their business by managing customer interactions, leads, sales opportunities and projects. The Insightly platform is flexible, customizable and accessible via web browser and mobile app.

The Insightly CRM app is free and works in tandem with the Insightly CRM web application, so that your team has all key customer information on the go.

6. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM empowers a global network of over 150,000 businesses in over 180 countries. It helps businesses engage with customers, convert more leads, and grow their revenue by closing more deals.

Zoho Mac CRM Features : Call Center Management, Campaign Management, Contact Management, Customer Support, Document Management, Email Marketing, Interaction Tracking, Landing Pages / Web Forms, Lead Management, Lead Scoring, List Management, Marketing Automation, Product Catalog, Quotes / Proposals, Referral Tracking, Territory Management.

7. Copper

Copper’s contact management software is integrated right into G Suite so that your leads, prospects, and customers are automatically synced between all your tools. With the right lead tracking management software, you can spend less time tracking, organizing, and managing your sales prospects—and focus on converting leads to customers.

8. Saphyte

Saphyte is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) integrated with useful sales and marketing tools to give your company a boost in efficiency and productivity. Its system is built to manage customer relations data, marketing, and opportunities for the long haul; eventually, this will help businesses achieve growth and success and build long-term customer relationships.

9. Pipeliner

Pipeliner CRM Cloud is available in three versions: Starter, Business & Enterprise and delivers a level of visualization and instant, dynamic insights unrivaled in the CRM space. This ensures a supreme user experience, short learning curve plus high and rapid adoption rates.

Its unique administration backend means that non-technical users can easily configure the system, so no programmers, consultants or systems integrators and there is no need for an expensive, full-time administrator which saves companies money and minimizes risk.

10. Sugar CRM

Sugar offers the most innovative, flexible and affordable CRM in the market and delivers the best all-around value of any CRM. With Sugar Market, you can easily uncover which tactics are working—and where improvements are needed—to refine campaigns and constantly deliver results. It’s the all-you-need marketing automation solution built to work for you.

11. Maximizer

Maximizer CRM Software comes fully loaded with features, for Powerful Client Management. Modules for Sales Management, Marketing Automation and Customer Service, as well as third-party integrations and mobile CRM are included in your monthly subscription. Maximizer is the only CRM available that offers both a Cloud CRM Solution, as well as a self-hosted, On-Premise CRM option.

12. Divalto weavy

Connected to your management tool, CRM Divalto Weavy facilitates collaboration between teams while simplifying interactions between the head office and field, which boosts your performance.

At the cutting edge of technology, feature-rich and highly customizable, Divalto weavy is also an open application. It interfaces with numerous third-party applications (marketing, automation, email platforms, web tracking, etc.) along with other business tools and applications.

The solution is compatible with all management software in the market including ours – Divalto infinity – but also these important technology companies: Cegid, Infor, Microsoft, Sage and SAP.

13. Newired

Its editor lets you open any web-application and interact with it through a guidance layer. Graphical animations help you to connect the Tips with the page elements. Visibility rules control the conditions when to display the Tips.

14. FlexBooker

FlexBooker’s online appointment scheduling tool makes booking appointments and employee calendar syncing easier than ever before. Its real-time system books, confirms, and follows up with customers automatically – saving you time and money.

FlexBooker works on any device so your customers can make reservations at home or on the go with mobile.

From setting up intake forms, customizing the design and adding the plugin widget to your site, the FlexBooker tool makes appointment booking on a custom booking page a breeze.

15. Kangaroo Rewards

Kangaroo helps you target customers with relevant offers to bring them back to your store.

Send relevant offers to targeted customers

Attract nearby customers using the Geo-Location feature

Boost off-peak times sales using the Traffic Booster feature

Grow your sales with SMS, Email and Push campaigns

16. YetiForce

Flexible and efficient management for your company wherever you are in the world – this is what you gain by installing YetiForce. YetiForce is an open source application that is constantly being improved, to help you run your company. Efficiency, control, multitasking, innovation – this is what YetiForce can offer.

17. Power Diary

At the heart of Power Diary is a simple, but extremely powerful calendar. Whether you’re a solo practitioner or a multi-location clinic, calendar management should be intuitive and enjoyable.

With Power Diary, you can easily see your availability, get a visual view of the status of each appointment, and make new appointments in seconds. Access all the information you need from this one screen.

18. Cosential

Introducing the New Business Development Experience. A unique product experience designed for those who require on-the-go access to the information they need most, made easy.

19. Fivestars

It helps you craft a digital rewards program that gives customers points and gifts for their purchases. Then it builds a set of automatically sent campaigns to welcome new customers, celebrate their birthdays, and bring back those who haven’t visited recently.

20. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM tracks customer interactions automatically – whether they’re in an email, across social media, or on a call. Sync with Gmail or Outlook using HubSpot Sales, and capture every call, email, or meeting as it happens.