Top 5 Best Free Data Recovery Software of 2022

Best Free Data Recovery Software

October 2nd, 2018   |   Updated on September 27th, 2022

Have you ever faced the problem of mistakenly deleting important information, something which you should not have done. If yes, then you would also be aware that thankfully due to the advancement of technology you now have data recovery software’s that can help you deal you with such a dire situation in hand.

Most of the software’s are available in free and paid format and you can choose one according to your preference. To help you in the selection we bring to you top 5 free data recovery software of the year 2018.

Best Free Data Recovery Software

1. EaseUS

Data Loss _EaseUS Data recovery software

Having the ability to restore all your files EaseUS accomplishes the same in three simple steps. There are two scanning methods; Quick scan and deep scan anyone you can choose as per your requirement. The preview option gives you the chance to view what all files are available for restoration and you can eliminate the ones that are unnecessary.

Hopefully, the above list would be a quick guide for you in case the situation of losing data ever arises. Since all these software’s are free you can easily pick up one that most conveniently suits your requirement. Some of them like EaseUS even give you the open of previewing your files before restoring and hence help in a better quality of retrieval.


2. Undelete 360

Undelete 360

Having a ribbon-style toolbar the software can be used even on digital cameras, smartphones, and computer hard drives. This software also comes with a feature known as Hex Viewer which gives you the facility to preview the files before recovery is done. However, its scanning speed is less which may be a cause of discomfort for users.


3. Pandora Recovery

Pandora recovery

A pretty reliable software it can restore files from NTFS and FAT- formatted volumes. The interface of the software is quite easy to understand and the process is convenient to execute. The file detection ability of the software definitely needs to be worked upon as sometimes it tends to miss out on important files.


4. Wise Data Recovery Tool

Wise Data recovery tool

With an easy and intuitive interface the speed of the software is commendable and deserves a special mention. You even get the benefit of searching the file by its extension type using appropriate filters. The software, however, does not have a deep scan mode something which is definitely required.


5. Photo Rec

Photo Rec

From digital cameras to hard disks the software can handle file recovery for almost any kind of item. Photo rec can take care of the restoration of almost 440 different types of file formats. Its unique unformat function and benefit of adding your own file types also come in handy.