20 Best Healthcare CRMs That Actually Improve Patient Relationship Management

September 7th, 2020   |   Updated on June 30th, 2022

Every healthcare organization and even healthcare professionals need a customer relationship management system that can gather and analyze multiple set of data so that one gets a comprehensive view about patient’s history.

With the help of a good healthcare CRM, organizations provide improved quality of care. Since you have all the necessary data on your fingertips, you can give better and highly personalized health care services to patients, which ultimately raises patients’ satisfaction

Outcome-focused management, pre- and post-treatment communication with patients, Measurable patient experience, personalized messages such as appointment reminders, follow-up note are some of the core functions of healthcare CRM.

Here we have listed 20 best healthcare CRM that every healthcare organization needs:

1. BrightInsight Platform

BrightInsight Platform is built under a Quality Management System to support and optimize up to Class III regulated drugs, devices, software and Digital Therapeutics through integrated data and actionable insights.

Recently, AstraZeneca has announced to select the BrightInsight Platform to build and manage its digital health solutions within a regulatory-compliant environment.

The world’s leading biopharma and medtech companies trust BrightInsight as their regulated digital health platform, supporting transformational digital health solutions including Software as a Medical Device, connected combination products, apps and more.

2. Colibrium Marketplace

During the initial Discovery phase, your designated Colibrium expert will conduct a questions session with you and your team.

This proprietary questionnaire was developed based on proven best practices within the health plan industry and is designed to uncover the configurations your company needs right from the start.

From design elements to workflows, we can configure the software to address most of your specific needs immediately after the initial Discovery phase.

Our Colibrium expert will drive the initial configuration session, beginning with rolling out a LIVE version of the software—complete with all of the wants, needs and requirements uncovered during the Discovery phase.

3. SimplePractice

You can handle everything from scheduling to billing straight from our highly-rated iPhone and Android mobile app.

You can change appointments, create invoices, send intake forms, process payments, and more from your phone.

You can also access important notes and a comprehensive template library anytime for faster assessment and planning.

4. d2i

Its toolset enables you to increase collections, optimize provider productivity, reduce waste, and ultimately gain market share by improving patient satisfaction and reputation in the community.

Its toolset enables you to increase collections, optimize provider productivity, reduce waste, and ultimately gain market share by improving patient satisfaction and reputation in the community.

The d2i toolset provides insight into protocol and compliance with quality measures, leading to improved quality, better outcomes, and ultimately a reduction in the cost of malpractice insurance.

5. DocEngage

DocEngage provides easy to deploy Hospital Specific Call centre solutions that are highly scalable, flexible and secure.

Call Center Solution allows to fetch patient data in real-time by integrating with HCRM and also IVR to provide greater patient experience.

Automatically display patient data and interactions to make conversations more personalized. It will allow your agents to be well informed about patient medical condition, previous calls, chat, emails before every interaction thus enabling them to deliver a empathetic patient experience.

6. MatrixCare

It has introduced a new interactive EHR platform that provides a complete view of individuals as they move across care settings.

Now every member of the care team can coordinate and make informed decisions in real-time to deliver what people need, when they need it. Hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud, CareCommunity is secure, portable, and accessible from any smartphone, computer, or tablet.

It’s a must-have for active care management and allows everyone—from doctors and pharmacists to patients and family members—to coordinate care through a single access point.

7. TherapyNotes

TherapyNotes is online EHR, practice management, and billing software designed for mental health professionals.

You can schedule an appointment in TherapyNotes or allow your client to schedule through your integrated client portal. After this, you can document the session with our easy‑to‑use templates. Your To‑Do list reminds you to write a note once your appointment begins.

8. Pega CRM

Pega is helping enterprises revolutionize their customer engagement with end-to-end automation and real-time AI on the only unified CRM platform.

Using pragmatic artificial intelligence and decision management, you can improve response rates by up to 6X, NPS by 30 points, and get ROI as high as 500%.

Pega’s low-code application development platform allows enterprises to quickly build and evolve apps to meet their customer and employee needs and drive digital transformation on a global scale.

9. Centra Hub CRM

CentraHub is a digital transformation solutions vendor that provides vertical-specific business process automation solutions, CRM software and HCM applications that transform business landscapes.

Centra CRM is a sales force automation software that lets you close more deals in less time. With deep insights in all operations, it provides you with a platform to analyze, plan, develop and deploy marketing, sales & service activities.


MEDHOST Emergency Department Information System (EDIS) can help aleviate documentation errors, increase revenue for hospitals, improve patient throughput, and boost patient satisfaction scores.

Designed by physicians and nurses, the system helps support workflow efficiency and patient safety by eliminating drop-down menus, unnecessary screens, confusing dialogue boxes, and excessive keystrokes.

MEDHOST EDIS also features intuitive, graphical floor plans of your ED to enhance staff communication and workflow. It also offers unique, touch-screen design that promotes increased user interaction and enables rich data capture and process optimization.

11. Naturongo

Naturongo is a software company founded by experienced entrepreneurs, curious to test the efficacy of natural medicine.

With the help of experienced herbalists, naturopaths, Chinese medicine therapists, medical doctors, scientists and software experts, the company provides practitioners of alternative and complementary medicine, dieticians and other professionals a convenient, simple yet professional environment for maximizing the effectiveness of any given treatment with many tools.

12. American HealthTech

Software alone can’t improve your clinical and financial operations. So in addition to the most comprehensive AHT Care Management, AHT Financial and Enterprise Management, and AHT Revenue Cycle Management solutions available to skilled nursing organizations, American HealthTech lets you implement them in the way that best meets the unique needs of your organization.

13. Healthgrades CRM

Healthgrades CRM and integrated marketing automation enable better campaign management. Take advantage of true omnichannel programming to deliver personalized, precision-timed messages to every patient and consumer in your database.

Reach them on the web, with digital advertising, through social media, via email and SMS, and in print, and then easily measure the success of your campaigns.

14. eClinicalWorks

More than 850,000 medical professionals around the globe rely upon it for comprehensive clinical documentation, along with solutions for telehealth, Population Health, Patient Engagement, and Revenue Cycle Management.

Privately held, and driven by innovation and excellence, it has a single focus — providing its customers with secure, cloud-based solutions to their healthcare IT needs.

15. Kareo

Kareo delivers a complete technology platform purpose-built to meet the needs of independent practices. Now, physicians can effortlessly manage all major functions of their practice through one intuitive platform.

Kareo includes free support, free onboarding, free training, and clear and simple pricing that ensures you know exactly what things cost.

Delivering care, getting paid and finding and engaging patients are all complicated propositions in today’s challenging healthcare environment. Kareo makes the business of running an independent practice easier and more rewarding.

16. HealthQuest 3.0

HQ3 is an innovative web-based application, designed to help you and your team manage and market multiple health services.

It is loaded with tons of neat features that have been specifically requested by pharmacists and doctors. Preferences allow you to use HQ3 how you want to, using only the features you want, with the click of a button.

From online booking to pre and post appointment management, HQ3 will help you expand your services and provide exceptional patient care.

17. Humhealth

It offers a range of products CCM, AWV and RPM for effective patient engagement and care management.

When a patient is enrolled into multiple programs, it gives a holistic view of the patient’s health, which aids in providing quality care thereby increasing patient satisfaction.

18. Meditech Expanse

See healthcare through a whole new lens with tools that help you navigate the digital frontier with confidence. Expanse reaches across the care continuum and pulls in all the data you need to see the big picture and treat the whole patient.

Expanse prioritizes user satisfaction like no other EHR, and delivers a comfortable, personalized experience to make your day easier, and your work more productive.

That means more face-to-face time with your patients, and more time for you to recharge outside the clinical setting.

19. AthenaClinicals

With athenahealth’s electronic health records service, you can be sure you’re getting a cloud-based medical records service that intuitively organizes the patient visit, helps providers document faster and more accurately, and sets your practice up for future success – whether you’re a small practice or a large healthcare system.

20. Ampersand Health Suite

It is a social impact-focused company, dedicated to the research and development of Digital Therapeutics.

Working alongside world-renown researchers, clinicians and patient groups, it is developing the next generation of digital medicines for patients with a range of long-term conditions.