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CashApp Down: Users Left Stranded As System Outage Disrupts Access To Funds

Cash App Down

September 8th, 2023   |   Updated on November 3rd, 2023

Cash App (formerly known as Square Cash) is a mobile payment service developed by Square., allowing users to transfer money to one another using a mobile phone app.

Is Cash App Down Or Not Working

Cash App users encountered error messages while attempting money transfers, and several businesses faced payment processing issues with Square throughout the entire day.

On Thursday, Cash App experienced a system outage, impacting various functionalities within the peer-to-peer money-sharing app, leading to difficulties in accessing funds. Simultaneously, the payment processing app, Square, faced disruptions.

It’s worth noting that Square and Cash App share the same parent company, Block.

Many users took to social media to express their frustrations, reporting issues such as being unable to unlock their Cash App debit cards or encountering error messages when trying to send money.

Additionally, some businesses struggled to process credit card payments using Square and access appointments scheduled through the platform for customer notifications.

Cash App provided updates on its website, advising users not to retry payments or deposits displaying error messages.

They also recommended against logging out of the app, although they did not clarify the reasons behind these instructions.

Cash App acknowledged the situation, stating, “We’re aware of an issue affecting various features of the app and are actively investigating.” However, the cause of the problem was not disclosed, with Cash App confirming that no hacking had occurred.

Responding to a user on X, the app assured, “We can assure you that Cash App isn’t hacked.”

Notably, in June, a glitch resulted in some Cash App customers being double-charged for purchases or payments, leading to negative balances. Eventually, affected users received refunds.

Cash App Outage

“We are aware of an issue affecting various features of the app and are actively investigating. For the latest updates, please visit,” tweeted Cash App.

On its website, Cash App initially reported the issue at 11:35 a.m., advising users not to retry pending payments during the outage.

The most recent update, posted at 1:38 p.m., cautioned against logging out of your account while the malfunction persists.

When attempting to open Cash App, users are greeted with a message that reads, “Please try again later.” Downdetector recorded over 9,000+ reports of a Cash App outage.

Cash App Server Down


One user on X (formerly Twitter) expressed frustration, saying, “My son is stranded, can’t get him a ride home because the app is down.”

Cash App continued to provide updates throughout Thursday evening.

“We appreciate your continued patience while we work to resolve this issue,” read an update at 10:03 p.m. “We have identified the root cause and are actively working to bring Cash App services back online. At this time, please do not reattempt any actions such as sending and receiving payments, Cash-Ins, or Cash Card purchases. We’ll provide further updates as they become available.”

Furthermore, another payment app, Square, also experienced an outage on Thursday, leading to service disruptions and deteriorated performance.

Update 1 [September 11, 2023]

At 08:11 am (IST), Several Cash App users are encountering difficulties logging into their accounts or transferring funds.

Cash App Down on 11 september

Update 2 [September 19, 2023]

As per Downdetector around 3:06 AM (IST), approximately 2K users experienced issues with CashApp and shared their experiences on various platforms. Users are inquiring if CashApp servers are down and seeking information on the estimated time for resolution.

CashApp has acknowledged the issue and posted a tweet on the X platform, stating: “We’ve identified a connectivity problem caused by a third-party service provider, resulting in Cash App delays. We are working closely with them to implement a solution for a complete service restoration as quickly as possible. We hope to resolve this issue soon.”

They further mentioned, “Most of our products and services are now operational. We continue to collaborate with our third-party service provider to address any remaining issues. We’ll provide updates as we monitor the situation.”

Update 2 [September 22, 2023]

At 03:40 AM (IST), several Cash App users were experiencing payment delay issues. Source

Update 3 [October 10, 2023]

At 10:30 AM (IST), users of Cash App are sharing that the Bitcoin transfer function is currently experiencing issues or is non-functional, resulting in significant delays of several hours for their transactions. Despite the problem, there is no official communication on the matter, and the official status page still indicates that Bitcoin transfers are operating smoothly. This discrepancy is causing frustration among those impacted by the problem.

Update 4 [November 03, 2023]

3:46 AM ( IST ), The Cash App is not working, and users have reported that Cash App is down.

Feature Image Source: Cash App