5 Reasons To Choose Alaska For Summer Work


March 16th, 2019   |   Updated on March 29th, 2019

Alaska is very pleasant in summer. Daytime temperature is up to 80 ° F while nighttime is refreshing. If you think you can work only on weekdays, then spend your weekends on home and think about the answer on this question “do my coursework“, beware. The great outdoors activities are beyond fascinating. So, it’s hard to stay indoors here. Only can you do it.

Dalton Highway – Alaska

Discovering this northern state will leave awesome summer memories and some pocket money to keep you afloat for months. Its large territory is filled with routes of exciting adventures. You can actually have a great opportunity to mix summer job with visiting the most beautiful nature sites.

The Most Popular Summer Jobs in Alaska

Do you want to travel and work in summer? Here’s why Alaska is your perfect destination.
You can connect with nature and people. Get some piece of mind after work. They say traveling changes you. This land will definitely offer a new perspective.

For more open vacancies, start searching for a job in winter. Below is the list of typical jobs in demand. Yet, a typical job can be in one of the most beautiful places you will ever see. Create a list of your skills and requirements. Now, it’s time to find your dream employer.

1. Work As A Tourist Guide

A perfect combination for active explorers. This one is great for young people who don’t want to spend the summer indoors. Alaska welcomes many helpers during the busiest summer season. Working hours of recreation specialist start from 30 to 40 working hours per week. Training and supervision are provided. Activities vary.

2. Ticket Or Gate Service

This job includes helping people with tickets and finding their way around the airport. Do you like meeting new people? You will get to help a lot of people. Approximate working hours include up to 1,400 hours.

3. Work In The Hotel

Family hotels are very cozy and engaging. With a job like this, there’s no need to worry about housing and meals. There are a lot of different tasks and people. Apply through job sites or look for hotels that you really like for applying directly.

4. Assistant In Parks

It can be anything from planting and taking care of greenery to working with animals. Maintaining nature’s beauty in parks can be a municipal job and/or offer a higher wage than other employers.

5. Catering Services

Restaurants and cafes need extra hands during Alaskan hottest season. This can include work in the kitchen, cleaning tables, attending tables, bars and greeting customers. The wage is higher due to tips. Often there are good meals for workers. Flexible shifts often offer trips.


Things To Do In Alaska On Your Day Off


Adventures are calling here. There are great options for a solo traveler. If you are not involved in tourism for a job, check the trails. In case you don’t have any company but want to be around people try joining typical but exciting tourist activities.


1. Cruising The Coast

Cambodian Coast

These daytime cruises offer some spectacular coastal views, getting closer to whales, seals, and otters. A season for this adventure starts in May and lasts through September. Prices vary from $39 to $180. You can go on a budget. Spending only 2 hours on the ship is tolerable. It’s enough to see the coastal beauty and have time for other activities. Wear a windbreaker and jeans or trousers.


2. Kayaking To Glaciers


How about some more active sightseeing? Kayak through the coastal areas and come as close to glaciers as you want. Tour prices start at $55 and last couple of hours to a full-day including even overnight adventures. Read the tips on proper dressing and wear sunscreen.


3. Tracks Through National Parks

If you are not working in the tourism enjoy park trails on your own or with friends. Have a picnic and mark sightseeing places like glaciers. Make sure you read carefully about the wildlife in these parks to save yourself from meeting bears. There’s an unbelievable variety of routes but come prepared.


4. Quality Time With Man’s Best Friends

Dog sledding tours are available even in summer. Snow is not necessary for a ride like this. Prices start at $74. There are much pricier tours, where you fly to a snowy spot and hop on a sled to ride through beautiful glaciers. Enjoy the unique experience at a mushing school working all-year-round.


5. Rafting Through Rivers

St Lawrence River

Apart from spending a day on the water, you get to enjoy wildlife and historical spots. It’s a calm 14-mile float that is quite relaxing. Prices start at $60. The hardcore rafting costs more. The mileage is down to 6. This is quite a refreshing activity that will leave your muscles burning.

Alaska can be both. Calm and satisfying sceneries with proximity to wild animals and thrilling rivers. This state has a great summer to offer a variety of entertainment. Do not get tricked into thinking that it’s all about snowy peaks. Anchorage, Seven Glaciers and Fairbanks have bars and restaurants to enjoy seafood.

Keep on a lookout for open-air fry-up of fish, seafood, and veggies. It is a typical Alaskan BBQ held in parks or special places to feast with locals and tourists. Look up summer music festivals and fairs. You can also participate in running marathon which is much more tolerable with Alaskan summer.