5 Common Amazon Prime Video Problems & Fixes

Common Amazon Prime Video Problems

February 11th, 2020   |   Updated on August 8th, 2020

Amazon prime is a boost for the people who just do not have the time to keep looking for good content to watch online.

The range of TV shows and movies they have to offer is exceptional and that is one reason why the popularity of the same is surging.

However, like other things, Amazon prime video also suffers from glitches and it is difficult for an average user to find out what that is.

Here we are going to tell you 5 of the most common amazon prime video problems and ways in which you can fix them.

1. Amazon Prime Being Down Or Error 7031

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Often it happens that the Amazon prime service is down and there is no transmission of signals.

You would have to check on the internet to know if there is an outage of any kind.

If the same is an outage you would have to wait for things to get fixed up. You may also raise a complaint so that the authorities can address the same.

Facing error 7031 is a common occurrence when Amazon prime video is being played. This mostly happens when you are using Chrome to play your content.

To rectify you may shift to another browser i.e. Safari or Firefox. If, however, it still does not play restart your computer and check again on Chrome.

2. Video Streaming Problems

Most of the time video streaming problems can arise in case your internet network is not working properly or is weak.

Unplug your modem and router and leave it like that for some time. Plug them again and restart the device to see if the video quality is better now.

In case you are using the smartphone to access the content see that no other app is utilizing the internet.

Also, keep your Amazon app as well as the TV software updated in case that is an issue.

3. Amazon Video Connection Problems

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If the above steps did not reduce the problems you were facing it means there is something wrong. You may check your connections to see if the wires are causing signals to come through.

It is possible that the router’s position is such that it is unable to grasp the signals.

Make sure to lift it and put it on an elevated surface. Run an ethernet cable to the TV or streaming device to see if the problem has been rectified.

You may have to buy an entirely new router or modem if both of them have passed the warranty date.

4. Video Download Problems

When you are out or traveling downloading Amazon videos is a sure shot of keeping yourself entertained.

But, sometimes the videos do not get downloaded due to some issues. Restart the device if downloads are not happening. You could also delete Amazon prime app and reinstall it.

Go to Amazon settings and clear the data and tap ok after that is done. In the situation you are using it on an iPhone or iPad you do not have the provision of clearing data. It is, therefore, better to reinstall the app when the problem arises.

5. Login And Smart TV Problems

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When you open Amazon prime login to watch videos the error 5005 is displayed. They are usually due to connectivity problems and would be ok in some time.

Though you can connect multiple devices at one time only two of them can be streamed.

Do not share your password with the home members instead create many profiles on which each of them can stream.

Sometimes Amazon prime app does not work on a smart TV. To fix that restart your TV and see if there are any updates that are pending. If there are you must get the same done to avoid any more problems.


For those who love streaming content on Amazon video, any kind of disruption can be disturbing.

Follow the above tactics if any of the above issues are arising. However, if nothing works it is best to contact them directly as only they would be able to fix things up.

Their service is rather prompt and if things are wrong from their end very soon you would be watching your favorite content again.