15 Dating Mistakes You Are Making That You Need To Stop Right Now

Dating Mistakes You Are Making

December 14th, 2018   |   Updated on February 18th, 2023

Being unlucky in love is a problem that most people face. Often after going through many such encounters, we start looking for love at all the wrong places. Here we give you 15 dating mistakes that you might be making too.

1. Don’t Waste Time

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It is immaterial if the person says he loves you but is tied up with things to take it up further at that moment. Instead of wasting your time on such a relationship move on as there might be something better waiting for you.


2. Restrict Sex

Common dating mistakes to avoid

Instead of hopping into bed with anyone keep it restricted to only when you are sure of that person. Often, we think that sex is the first step towards making a relationship strong but that should not be so.


3. I Want To Give You A Massage…

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This is especially for ladies and men use this as a ploy to get beneath the sheets with you. If you are finding men saying this to you often trust us that half of them are not interested in anything else except sex.


4. I Like You ….But

Top dating mistakes people make

There are no ifs and buts in any strong relationship. Steer clear of people who use this as a technique to silence any queries of yours. Consider yourself important enough to give in to this kind of idle talk.


5. Be Innovative

Biggest dating mistakes to steer clear of

Instead of just aping the traditional methods of dating try and do something different. Go out alone and try and mingle with men or women who have no idea about who or what you are.


6. Don’t Be Focused On One Type

Dating faux pas to watch out for

All of us have a type of partner that we always look for. Venture out of your comfort zone and try and find partners who are quirky, different and yet desirable.


7. Avoid The Planning

Relationship mistakes to avoid early on

Once you find someone let things take their natural course. Stop planning what will happen just in the first few meetings. Spend some time with him or her and let the relationship move ahead.


8. Reduce The Talking

Mistakes to avoid on your first date

Leave the talking aside and focus on observing the innate characteristics of the person. Someone may be good to talk to but certain qualities may be missing.


9. Believe What He Says

Dating mistakes that can sabotage your love life

If someone says he has a problem committing that means he does have a problem. Don’t live in the fallacy that it would be different for you.


10. Don’t Compare

Relationship pitfalls to steer clear of

Your friends may post pictures on social media and that could force you to start looking too. However, realize that social media pictures are only half of the picture and the reality could be different.


11. Don’t Hide Your Intentions

Things not to do when dating someone new

Harder you try to hide your intentions, better the chances they will eventually come out. So it is better not to hide your intentions. What do you want: Romance or friendship first? Be frank about your real intention.


12. Don’t Reveal Too Much Personal Information

Dating mistakes that can kill a potential relationship

Dating websites are favorite hunting ground for identity thieves. Hence, you should never lower your guards. Don’t reveal too much information to anybody you have not met in person yet. Using a separate email which doesn’t have such information which could be used to identify you is advisable.


13. Let Them See Your Full Body


People are not interested in your face only. No full body photo is a mistake you should never commit. What are you trying to hide? Full length shot does not reveal everything. But it does not conceal the most important thing either.


14. Avoid Using Too Many Group Photos

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You will be swiped left, if you are seen with too many people. Why should someone have trouble identifying you. Your first photo should always be a solo shot. What about your ex? Being seen with your ex after your solo shot is a good move.


15. Never Use A Profile Picture With A Child


What message do you want to send? Are you looking for a stepmom or stepfather for your child? So, skip the niece/nephew shots completely.

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