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30+ Devil Quotes For Instagram Caption

Devil Quotes

February 25th, 2020   |   Updated on June 28th, 2022

Do you want advice from some of the world’s best brains to succeed against evil? Here we have brought together devil quotes from religious figures, authors, and more that would help build the inner strength.

The devil represents the evil spirits that are found in different cultures and religions. In Christianity, this is known as Devil or Satan. Islam calls him as Shaitan or Iblis. Whatever religious beliefs you hold, dealing with evil is something that many of us have to go through every day of our life.

Look at these quotes to know more about the devil, how to fight the evil forces and his effect on society.

1. “Clever as the Devil and twice as pretty.” ― Holly Black


2. “Son, the greatest trick the Devil pulled was convincing the world there was only one of him.” ― David Wong


3. “Someone who smiles too much with you can sometime frown too much with you at your back.” ― Michael Bassey Johnson


4. “Never can true reconcilement grow where wounds of deadly hate have pierced so deep…” ― John Milton


5. “We have never heard the devil’s side of the story, God wrote all the book.” ― Anatole France


6. “If money’s the god people worship, I’d rather go worship the devil instead.” ― Jess C Scott


7. “When you’re in hell, only a devil can point the way out.” ― Joe Abercrombie


8. “Because God loves us, but the devil takes an interest.” ― Jennifer Donnelly


9. “The devil’s agents may be of flesh and blood, may they not?” ― Arthur Conan Doyle


10. “Down there the nights are bright and nobody believes in the Devil.” ― Cornelia Funke



11. “I would rather be a devil in alliance with truth, than an angel in alliance with falsehood.” ― Ludwig Feuerbach


12. “Boy, you knock on the devil’s door and he will head slam you through the wall.” ― Sherrilyn Kenyon


13. “All the cunning of the devil is exercised in trying to tear us away from the word.” ― Martin Luther


14. “Angels are bright still, though the brightest fell.” ― William Shakespeare


15. “The Devil teaches women what they are – or they would teach it to the Devil if he did not know.” ― Jules Barbey d’Aurevilly


16. “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.” ― Jack Heath


17. “The best way to drive out the devil, if he will not yield to texts of Scripture, is to jeer and flout him, for he cannot bear scorn.” ― Martin Luther


18. “The Devil’s out of fashion.” ― Dodie Smith


19. “You may conquer her love of God: you will never overcome her fear of the devil.” ― Pierre A.F


20. “My devil had been long caged, he came out roaring.” ― Robert Louis Stevenson



21. “We don’t know the Devil’s side of the story, because God wrote all the books.” ― J.A. Konrath


22. “Your angel cannot protect you against that which neither god nor the devil had made” ― Cassandra Clare


23. “When you just breathe on me, I want you. Being in your arms will melt me. Being naked with you might kill me.” ― Debra Anastasia


24. “Please, baby, you had to know the Devil would be well endowed.” ― Debra Anastasia


25. “When the devil waged war in the heavens, even angels had to fall.” ― Roshani Chokshi


26. “People that don’t know what they are worth will always see their capture’s wings, but never their tail.” ― Shannon L. Alder


27. “The Devil has all the best tunes? My arse! Metalville just got a new sheriff.” ― Mark Rice


28. “The devil…the prowde spirite…cannot endure to be mocked.” ― Thomas Moore


29. “Can I tell you that in my eyes not even God would be good enough to command you?” ― Kele Moon


30. “There’s a big difference on being wise and being crafty. The former is the attribute of God, and the latter is that of Satan.” ― Michael Bassey Johnson



31. “The devil has put a penalty on all things we enjoy in life. Either we suffer in health or we suffer in soul or we get fat.” – Einstein Quotes


32. “At sometime in our lives a devil dwells within us, causes heartbreaks, confusion and troubles, then dies.” – Roosevelt Quotes


33. “We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell.” ― Oscar Wilde


34. “While you live tell the truth and shame the devil.” – Shakespeare Quotes


35. “Now I perceive the devil understands Welsh.” – Shakespeare Quotes